As electrification of automobiles advances, the production volume of batteries is expected to steadily increase. Problems in such an advancing battery market include higher power demands for driving power motors and quick charging, as well as assessment of CO2 emissions throughout the life cycle battery packs (from mining of materials to disassembling). We approach the challenges of using batteries effectively and helping realize a sustainable society from a measurement perspective. Hioki seeks to find solutions to these challenges through measurement.

Market Challenges 1: Battery Control Functionality Evaluation

One important factor in extending the life-cycle of a battery is for its energy to be used efficiently. In order for this to happen, the systems that control batteries must control in a way to promote efficiently energy use.

Introduction of Solution Products

Easily, safely, and very accurately simulate a battery in order to evaluate the functionality of battery management systems (BMSs), the "controllers" of batteries.

  • Battery behavior can be simulated with highly accurate voltage output (±0.015%)
  • Simulated cell balancing can be done in a wide output current range (-1 A to 1 A)

Market Challenges 2: Impedance Measurement of Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are a promising source of clean energy for realizing worldwide environmental improvement. Impedance measurement is required for the further development of new and highly advanced fuel cell batteries.

Introduction of Solution Products

  • Quantifying unknown cell material properties (impedance characteristics) starting at hard to measure low frequencies (0.01 Hz)
  • Grasping internal chemical reactions inside the battery (reactive resistivity) is made possible with Hioki's signature measurement method, low-frequency AC-IR method. This allows engineers to see a variety of battery characteristics such as deterioration, which is essential to battery reuse and the next step to sustainability in the battery market.


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