Pursuing rock-solid quality

Quality Policy

Establishing global quality with high-quality products and unparalleled service

Hioki provides high-quality products and unparalleled service in accordance with its philosophy of “Contribution to Society” in order to satisfy customers and earn their trust. Additionally, we strive to deliver a consistent level of quality at all group companies worldwide. Our goal is to deliver global quality–a level of quality that satisfies customers worldwide by meeting their expectations.

We understand that our core business, electrical measuring instruments, must deliver measurement results that are accurate and reliable so that customers can achieve the objectives that drive their measurement applications. Furthermore, we believe we must offer unparalleled service through measurement.

Quality assurance

Product warranties and accuracy guarantees

Product warranties and accuracy guarantees assure our customers that the products we ship will perform according to their product and accuracy specifications for the duration of the warranty or guarantee.

Measurement standards and traceability

Measured values have important meanings in the context of measuring instrument use. The integrity of these values is backed up by shipping inspections at the time of manufacture and by calibration following purchase of the instrument. Hioki establishes traceability by ensuring that all standards used in calibration and adjustment are tied to national standards.


Since electrical measuring instruments use electricity, we consider quality in terms of electrical safety to be critical. We supply products that are engineered not only to comply with safety standards (EN61010 series and JISC1010 series standards), but also to deliver peace of mind and reliability in the environments in which customers use them.

After-sales service

We offer an extensive range of optimal after-sales services to ensure customers worldwide can continue to use the instruments they purchase over the long term. Through such service we are able to respond quickly to unforeseen accidents and quality issues to ensure customer satisfaction.

Process by which Hioki responds to product quality issues

The following diagram illustrates how Hioki headquarter responds to quality issues affecting Hioki products. Hioki accepts customer complaints in any form.