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Safety for power measurement, an essential part of energy-saving activities, through the world’s first non-contact voltage measurement technology

  • Clamp on Power Logger PW3365
    Safety Voltage Sensor PW9020

We applied the measurement technology used by the Safety HiTester 3258, a no-metal-contact voltmeter that was launched in 2008, to the Clamp on Power Logger PW3365, a power measuring instrument. The power meter uses sensors that can measure voltage safely from outside the insulation simply by being clipped to wires.

Power measurement is an essential part of saving energy.
Our goal is to help customers measure voltage more safely.

Today, there is growing need to measure power consumption as we work to save energy. In the past, workers with electrical knowledge and experience carried out power measurement at large plants and similar facilities. However, as demand for power measurement grows without regard to company size or industry, workers who lack sufficient knowledge and expertise to measure power are being called upon to do so more frequently. Consequently, there is growing demand for the ability to measure power safely and easily.
We’ve developed products that use a new power measurement technique in order to meet that demand.

Our non-contact voltage measurement technology, which allows voltage to be measured with less risk, is helping spur efforts to measure power safely at facilities such as plants and buildings so that energy can be saved.

It’s typical in power measurement to use a clamp-on power meter. Although current is measured using conventional clamp sensors that can make measurements safely from outside wire insulation, voltage is typically measured by placing clips in contact with metal terminals such as circuit breakers. This approach poses the risk of a short-circuit if a metal clip inadvertently makes contact with the adjacent metal terminal, or electric shock if the worker accidentally touches a metal terminal.
Hioki products use no-metal-contact technology to measure current, voltage, and power, dramatically increasing the safety of measurement personnel.

A safe, secure measurement environment will accelerate energy-saving activities.

Electrical and power measurement is an essential part of power equipment maintenance. The risk of electric shock was a constant concern with such maintenance work in the past. Engineers boldly embraced the challenge of addressing this risk and successfully developed innovative technologies for making measurements without it.
A safe, secure measurement environment will further accelerate energy-saving activities.

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