Hioki Vision

We believe that for any company to grow, two conditions must be met: each and every employee must realize his or her full potential, and the company must act as a good corporate citizen.

At Hioki, the corporate philosophy of Respect for Humanity and Contribution to Society informs the personal value system of all employees, anchors the company's ultimate mission, and defines its social responsibility. To this end, we are dedicated to becoming a high value-added company unique in both culture and accomplishment so that we might both earn the trust of all stakeholders and provide customers with products of exceptional quality and services of the highest caliber.

The purpose of the Hioki logomark’s design

The logomark is designed to evoke the idea of creating new products while fostering the development of people

The Hioki logomark is distinguished by the shape of its O.
The O is not a simple circle, but rather an oval. This shape is based on the motif of the Earth embracing an egg to evoke an image of fostering the development of people, giving birth to new products, and contributing to the development of society.

A passionate commitment to supplying high-quality products to customers worldwide

The dark blue that serves as the corporate color reflects the company’s passionate commitment to interacting with customers with seriousness and sincerity, approaching manufacturing with single-minded dedication, and supplying high-quality products that can be used with a sense of trust and attachment to customers worldwide.

Since 2016, Hioki has used the color from its corporate logotype in products in an effort to increase the clarity and recognizability of its global branding.