CSR History

1986The Hioki Philosophy is adopted of Respect for Humanity and Contribution to Society.
1988Employees hold a tree-planting festival at Hioki Forest Hills, the site of the current Head Office.
1989Forest Hills Scholarship Fund, a special public-interest trust, is launched.
1990The Head Office and main plant are relocated to a newly completed facility at Hioki Forest Hills in Ueda, Nagano Prefecture.
1991The Ueda Minami League youth baseball program is launched.
1992Hioki receives the Japan Greenery Research and Development Center President’s Award in recognition of its active promotion of afforestation.
1995The first Local Afforestation event is held at Kamishina Elementary School.
1997South Junior Sports Club is launched.
Hioki earns ISO 14001 certification.
1998Hioki receives the Kanto International Trade and Industry Bureau Director's Award in recognition of its active promotion of afforestation.
2000The first Hioki Festival is held.
2003Hioki begins donating musical instruments.
2004Hioki receives the 6th Shinshu Ecology Grand Prize in recognition of its Local Afforestation program.
2005The Hioki Scholarship and Greening Foundation is established.
Hioki receives the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award in recognition of its active promotion of afforestation
2007Hioki begins supporting the Kenya Vegetation Restoration Project.
2008Hioki is recognized by the Minister of State for Measures for Declining Birthrate for distinguished service under the Supporting Children and Families in Japan program.
2009Hioki's main plant is recognized by the Prime Minister of Japan for distinguished service in promoting afforestation during 2009.
2011Hioki receives the 2011 Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Encouragement Award in recognition of its safety and hygiene policies.
2012Hioki receives the Dark-blue Ribbon Medal in recognition of community service initiatives including its donation of musical instruments to an Ueda elementary school.
2013Construction of the Health & Fitness Center is completed.
2015Construction of the Hioki Innovation Center, the company's new R&D facility, is completed.
2017Construction of the Hioki Lodge II is completed.