Growing and developing with our partners while strengthening win-win relationships

Procurement Policy

Hioki aims to continue contributing to the security and development of society by providing customers around the world with high-quality electrical measurement solutions in a timely manner. In material procurement, in addition to quality and supply stability, we will promote procurement activities that consider social aspects such as human rights, occupational safety, the environment, and the well-being of society in collaboration with our business partners and will be sustainable as a united supply chain.

Procurement Policy

  • 1.Fair and Equitable Transactions
    • -1.In procuring materials, we will promote open, fair and impartial transactions with all suppliers, both domestic and overseas.
    • -2.We will conduct sound and sincere procurement activities in compliance with relevant laws and social ethical norms in each country (prohibition of child labor, forced labor, and all forms of discrimination, interruption of relations with anti-social forces, and non-use of conflict minerals, etc.).
    • -3.We will provide information necessary for our procurement activities to our business partners and strive to maintain confidentiality by strictly managing confidential information obtained through business transactions.
    • -4.We will promptly conduct acceptance and arrival inspections, and thoroughly implement proper payment procedures without delay.
  • 2.Mutual Development
    • -1.Through our business transactions, we aim to build relationships that enable mutual development as partners, and we will promote transactions that maintain relationships of trust through communication with business partners.
    • -2.In addition to quality, price, and supply stability, we will comprehensively and fairly take into account our efforts to fulfill our social responsibilities, and seek a broad range of suppliers worldwide, both domestically and abroad, that can grow together.
  • 3.Contribution to Society
    • -1.Based on the philosophy of "Contributing to Society," we will contribute to the safety and development of society with our suppliers through sustainable procurement activities.
    • -2.Respecting the basic human rights and diversity of individuals, we will endeavor to create a safe and hygienic work environment in which everyone can reach their full potential.
  • 4.Environmentally Friendly
    • -1.Establish "Green Procurement Guidelines" and strive to procure unavoidably environmentally conscious materials.
    • -2.We will work with our suppliers to develop products that are environmentally friendly and to protect the environment in order to build a sustainable society.

Established on November 2005
Revised on January 2019
Revised on February 2022

Procurement Policy Briefings

We’ve held an annual procurement policy briefing for partners since 2009. At these sessions, we explain our procurement policies and report on recent conditions at Hioki, priority measures, and the state of part quality. We also administer a satisfaction survey so that partners can evaluate our conduct, and we use what we learn to build trust-based relationships with partners.
Recently, more issues than ever demand rapid consideration and action as companies work to lower procurement costs, improve inventory turnover, reduce losses from disposal, and use limited resources effectively. Hioki listens to partners about material procurement management and distribution, and we’re committed to boosting productivity for all parties by sharing information. We’re also committed to building and reforming manufacturing structures so that we can continue to create unlimited value for customers.

Distributor Structures

Hioki products are sold through distributors. We currently deal with about 400 partners through domestic facilities and overseas sales companies, and we’re building a worldwide sales network. We work actively to deepen mutual understanding by closely sharing information and to improve one another’s sales capabilities by creating a variety of opportunities with distributors.