Business Style

Hioki’s operational trinity: R&D, production, and sales & service

Hioki group strengths

Hioki’s headquarters brings together all departments responsible for development, production, and sales and service. These three areas of operations form a trinity, providing an environment that allows us to supply advanced measurement technologies to customers around the world.

AQuickly improving products by applying customer feedback and moving them to volume production
BSupplying products quickly via an approach to production that meets customer demand
CCommunicating customer feedback directly
DImproving products and providing feedback

Collaborative development of new products (concurrent engineering)

Design and development of new products is handled by groups that cut across department boundaries by drawing members from throughout the company. These concurrent engineering teams consist of representatives from R&D, manufacturing, sales, and quality assurance departments. Anyone can propose a new product, and team leaders are given significant authority. By breaking down organizational barriers and facilitating a concerted product design effort, this approach allows us to develop high-quality products in a short period of time.

R&D-focused company

Creating innovative technologies

Daily progress in technology helps people enjoy safe, pleasant lives while achieving their dreams. The electrical measuring instruments that underpin those benefits continue to evolve. About one-third of all Hioki employees are R&D engineers dedicated to developing electrical measuring instruments that meet the needs of our times, and we spend about 10% of our sales on R&D.

A production system that meets customer requirements

Pursuing high quality and short lead times

Due to the manner in which they are used, electrical measuring instruments must deliver high precision and safety. To ensure we can supply the high-quality products required by customers when they need them, we continuously refine our expertise, experience, skills, and technological capabilities, and we've developed a small-lot, multi-model production system that lets us vary products and quantities as needed in partnership with suppliers.

Customer-centric sales

Offering close-at-hand support to customers worldwide

We've put in place sales structures with deep local roots in cooperation with sales companies and distributors. We accommodate customer requests and supply products and services that satisfy customers and earn their trust. We use information provided by customers to develop the next generation of products.