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Demand related to fifth-generation communications (5G) has been steady. In addition, demand for and production of electronic components have also increased thanks to the increase of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in corporate operations and the recent spread of telecommuting. Since sensitive information will be increasingly communicated through these devices, the quality requirements for such electronic components have been rapidly increasing, analogous to the market trend of automotive components.
To increase the productivity of electronic component manufacturing, Hioki offers products that can measure a variety of electronic components with exceptional speed, precision, and repeatability.

Market Challenges 1: High-frequency Component Measurement

As high frequency operation of circuits such of power supply circuits increases, the number of electronic components (winding coils, film capacitors, etc.) which are not standard chip shapes is increasing. As such, high frequency characteristics must now be measured even for abnormally shaped components.

Introduction of Solution Products

  • Extremely wide range of operating frequency measurement (1 MHz to 3 GHz)
  • Astoundingly high accuracy (basic impedance accuracy: 0.65% reading)
  • High speed measurement for production line or R&D uses (maximum analog measurement time: 0.5 ms)

Various shaped, large sized and small sized components can all be measured with high accuracy using this test fixture and the Hioki Impedance Analyzer.

Market Challenges 2: Evaluation of Electric Insulation

Due to the rising voltage of in-vehicle batteries, high insulation performance is required even for in-vehicle communication devices.

Introduction of Solution Products

  • 300 times the noise resistance of conventional megohm (MΩ) resistance meters allows for a strikingly high accuracy
  • Extremely high speed measurement of highly resistant components (fastest: 6.4 ms)


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