Community Involvement

Actively supporting the cultural and educational development of our community

Support for post-earthquake reconstruction

To aid reconstruction efforts in the aftermath of earthquakes such as the Great East Japan Earthquake, we donate funds and offer complimentary inspections to customers whose Hioki products need to be checked after the disaster. Since 2014, we’ve also donated Hioki electrical measuring instruments to schools in disaster-affected areas and offered talks on how to use those instruments and about electrical measuring instruments in general.


We host various events to foster enjoyable interactions between employees and local residents.

Hioki Festival

Every year since 2000, we've opened our company to the community during the Hioki Festival. Planned and orchestrated by employees, the event offers all employees a chance to become hosts and welcome area residents. In addition to a Kids’ Plaza and stalls manned by more than 40 local businesses, the popular festival includes dance and musical stage performances as well as events like electricity-related craft-making sessions and company tours.

Recitals and public talks

We host recitals by leading Japanese musicians and public talks featuring speakers representing a variety of fields, including business and education, at the Hioki Hall, an auditorium that seats 750 at our headquarters. These events, which are open to the general public, are enjoyed by local residents.

Youth programs

Hioki supports the local community through sports in order to foster healthy youth and deepen exchanges with residents.

Managing a Little League team

The Ueda South League, a youth baseball team, was established in 1991. Employee volunteers serve as coaches, helping participating youth build their baseball skills while learning good manners and teamwork and fostering their dreams and character.

Minami Junior Sports Club

Hioki runs the “Minami Junior Sports Club” for first- and second-graders. The club was launched in 1997 to let children enjoy outdoors play and experience the joy of sports.

Scholarship for students at science-oriented colleges

In an effort to help train engineers and contribute to the local community, Hioki established the "Forest Hills Scholarship Fund" as a charitable trust in 1989 to offer scholarships to local students continuing their studies at a science or engineering faculty of a four-year college.
The "Hioki Scholarship and Greening Foundation" was established in 2005 to expand this program and then incorporated as a public-interest corporation in 2010.
Today, the program has grown to extend scholarships to a larger number of students.

Workplace experiences and company tours

Each year, Hioki accepts about 10 students from colleges and vocational high schools and invites them to participate in a workplace experience program that lets them work with engineers for a period of time ranging from two weeks to four months. We also accept four or five students from local junior high schools for a practical study program that teaches them about topics such as soldering and tester assembly. Additionally, we cooperate with a program organized by the city of Ueda that gives company tours to elementary and junior high school students and their parents, offering a place for participants to learn about electricity and measuring instruments.

  • Workplace experience
  • Company tours for students and their parents

Opening facilities to the public

In addition to various company buildings, Hioki’s headquarters campus is home to a number of sports facilities that are open to use by members of the surrounding community for exercise, refreshment, and training.

  • Baseball diamond with night lighting
  • Tennis court
  • Track
  • Indoor baseball practice facility