Product Nov. 21, 2014

Hioki Launches Battery Impedance Meter BT4560

Instrument offers New Approach to Lithium-ion Battery Evaluation

Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Battery Impedance Meter BT4560.

The lithium-ion battery market continues to grow rapidly, and products must deliver performance and quality that meet the highest standards. The time-consuming nature of the conventional approach to evaluating lithium-ion batteries, which requires measurements that can take as long as one hour, has given impetus to manufacturers’ efforts to improve measurement efficiency. The newly launched BT4560 offers a new measurement approach that delivers roughly the same ability to evaluate battery performance and quality as the conventional approach but with measurement times of approximately 10 seconds, dramatically improving measurement efficiency.

Development Background
Because lithium-ion batteries are used in a wide range of products, from electric and hybrid vehicles to mobile phones and portable music players, the market for them is expanding year by year. Lithium-ion batteries manufactured for use in electric and hybrid vehicles are required to deliver performance and quality that meet the highest standards.

Conventionally, a method known as DC-IR measurement has been used to measure the internal resistance of lithium-ion batteries as a way to evaluate their performance and quality. In this method, the internal resistance is measured after charging the battery and then discharging it by allowing a large current to flow from the battery so as to produce a voltage drop. Since the initial charging process takes from several minutes to several tens of minutes, the entire internal resistance measurement process required by the conventional approach takes up to an hour. The time-consuming nature of this approach has highlighted the need to address poor measurement efficiency and low productivity.

Hioki developed the Battery Impedance Meter BT4560 to resolve this shortcoming. The new instrument uses a method known as low-frequency AC-IR measurement, which enables performance and quality to be evaluated in roughly the same manner as the conventional DC-IR measurement method. Specifically, the battery’s internal impedance is measured at a low frequency of 1 Hz or less, eliminating the need for a time-consuming charging process. Consequently, the BT4560 can complete AC-IR measurement in about 10 seconds*, versus several tens of minutes to about one hour for the conventional approach. This capability dramatically improves measurement efficiency.

*With a measurement frequency of 1 Hz.

Principle Application
Evaluation testing of lithium-ion batteries used in automobiles

Battery Impedance Meter BT4560 Features
1. Faster measurement and increased measurement efficiency through low-frequency AC-IR measurement
The BT4560’s low-frequency AC-IR measurement function dramatically accelerates the process of evaluating lithium-ion batteries, improving measurement efficiency.

2. Low-frequency AC-IR measurement at a reasonable price
Until now, performing low-frequency AC-IR measurement at a high level of precision has required an expensive measurement system with a high price tag. The BT4560 enables low-frequency AC-IR measurement at a more affordable price.

3. High-precision, stable measurement
The accuracy and maximum resolution for super-low-impedance measurement and high-accuracy DC voltage measurement are shown below:

Super-low-impedance measurement
Accuracy: 0.4% rdg. 8 dgt.*
Maximum resolution: 0.1 mΩ
*When performing pure resistance measurement at SLOW speed.

High-accuracy DC voltage measurement
Accuracy: 0.0035% rdg. 5 dgt.
Maximum resolution: 10 mV

In addition, the BT4560 features a circuit architecture that is resistant to the effects of contact resistance when measurement probes make contact with the battery and of measurement probes’ wiring resistance, delivering stable measurement. In this way, the instrument allows cabling on production lines to be routed with a higher degree of freedom than was possible with legacy models. Furthermore, Hioki offers two specially designed probes (clip-type and pin-type) for users to choose based on their applications.



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