Changing the unit of measurement on a power meter

QHow do I change the unit of measurement on a power meter?



The unit of measurement for a range cannot be set permanently on the main device, but you can change it on the PC application during data management and analysis.  On the PC, you can set the auxiliary unit of measurement to be displayed (e.g., use kW to represent active power) as well as the number of digits to display after the decimal point.

This applies to the following PC applications and supporting power loggers or PQAs:

SF1001 Power Logger Viewer
• PW3360 Clamp On Power Logger
• PW3365 Clamp On Power Logger
• 3169 Clamp On Power HiTester

PQ One (ver 6.20 or later)

PQ3198 Power Quality Analyzer
PW3198 Power Quality Analyzer
PQ3100 Power Quality Analyzer