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Key to Creating a Sustainable, Closed-loop Supply Chain for Batteries

Shaping the future of the battery industry requires revolutionary measurement technology. We are committed to supporting all businesses and researchers aiming to unlock the full potential and value of batteries, thereby contributing to a carbon-neutral society.
Discover how Hioki's measurement technologies address industry challenges and create new values. Explore Hioki's extensive solutions and insights designed to boost the utility, reliability, and environmental friendliness of batteries.
Join Hioki in driving innovation for a greener, more sustainable future!

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Visualizing material quality

Imagine discovering previously unknown parameters for core materials such as powders, slurries, and electrode sheets. Our advanced data analysis solutions unveil these electrical characteristics, unlocking the full potential of your batteries. Gaining deeper insights through our technology can supercharge your research and development efforts. Additionally, these measurements serve as vital quality control data points to test in the battery manufacturing process, ensuring the reliability and performance of your batteries.

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Cell Production

Faster, safer, and higher-quality

We take pride in providing top-notch measurement solutions that leave no stone unturned in guaranteeing the safety and quality of batteries. When it comes to battery mass production, high-speed inspection tools are not just an option but a necessity. Moreover, our high-precision inspection devices are the ideal solution for detecting potential defects and meeting increased safety demands. Trusted by gigafactories across the world, Hioki's measuring instruments have earned their place in the market as the reliable choice for battery mass production.

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Modules & Packs

Ensuring safety in battery systems

The prevalence of high-capacity batteries in Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Energy Storage Systems (ESSs) has surged as of late. These systems composed of many stacked cells operate at high voltages. Assembly system manufacturers and system integrators of these systems can rely on Hioki's measurement tools for complex system evaluations. Our tools boast of high voltage tolerance, exceptional noise resistance, and rapid multi-channel measurements seamlessly integrated into systems. Hioki provides optimal measurement solutions for demanding test system requirements.

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Use & Reuse

Maintenance and condition inspection

Maintenance and condition inspection are crucial for success of the Circular Economy. The production of batteries can be compared to arteries, while long-term use and recycling can be compared to veins. The quickly emerging vein industry demands reliable testing methods and measurement tools accessible to every participant. Our innovative solutions provide just that. Discover the test tools and new solutions already available and stay ahead of the game in the battery industry.

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