3197 Application Software and Javascript

QUsb488jv.dll not found is displayed on the PC when trying to use the application software for Model 3197 Power Quality Analyzer.


If you are seeing an error as shown below, this means that the appropriate version of Javascript has not been installed in your PC.

The 3197 application software requires JAVA’s 32-bit JRE. Please install and use the 32-bit JRE (Java Runtime Environment) regardless of whether the Windows OS is in 64-bit or 32-bit.

Note: If both the 32-bit JRE and the 64-bit JRE are installed in your PC, the PC may only recognize the 64-bit version. In that case, please:

    1.    Uninstall 64-bit Java first
    2.    Re-install with 32-bit Java

You can download the most recent JRE here:


*PQ3100 Power Analyzer is the successor for the 3197 PQA. Check see link below: