Converting the Event waveform data to CSV on the PQ ONE

QWhen I output the event waveform data measured by the PQ3100 ifrom the PQ ONE in CSV, the CSV file has only 1 digit after the second in the Time column of the CSV data. I would like to have the same resolution to the PQ ONE screen.


Please confirm the cell format setting by right click of the Time column.
We assume that it is set to "used define" and "mm:ss", so that please change it to "mm:ss:000" and press OK to display 3-dogot after decimal point.
However, the PW3100 sampling speed is much faster than 1ms (200kHz sampling = 0.005ms).
As the Excel supports to 1ms resolution only for the time format, there should be some data having the same time.
It is recommeded not ot use the time information when you making a line graph on Excel to show the waveform.