Connecting FT3425 to a PC

QI can’t seem to connect to the FT3425 using the PC application software via the USB connection.


The free "Communicator for FT3424” PC application lets you upload measurement data taken with the FT3424 and FT3425 Lux Meter to your PC, as well as make settings for the lux meters on the PC and transfer them to the measuring devices.   Please check the following:

1.  If you are using Model FT3425, are you using the Bluetooth function?
If the Bluetooth function is turned ON, the USB data transfer capability is deactivated.  Please turn OFF the Bluetooth function and try again.
2.  Is the USB driver properly installed?
To transfer data, besides the PC application you also need to install the USB driver.  Please select [DPInst64.exe](for 64bit operating systems) or [DPInst32.exe] (for 32bit operating systems)depending on your PC environment.