Higher harmonics on a power quality analyzer

QWhat is the “higher harmonic measurement function” on the PQ3198 PQA? Can I display higher harmonic data as a bar graph or rate of content list, similar to standard harmonics data?


Higher harmonics refer to the true RMS signal of noise components that have a frequency of at least 2kHz.  When the PQA detects a higher harmonic event (with a bandwidth between 2kHz and 80kHz), the higher harmonic waveform is recorded.  

However, higher harmonics data captured by the PQ3198 Power Quality Analyzer cannot be presented as a graph or list on the PQA itself.  Please use the free application software PQ ONE to conduct further frequency analysis of higher harmonics.

For your information, the advanced PW3390 and PW6001 Power Analyzers can present higher harmonic graphs and lists up to 100 orders.