Service and Guarantees for Repair

Repair service

Hioki will conduct a series of failure diagnostics to assess the state of your instrument’s appearance and internal operation. Then, our technicians will repair your instrument based on the results.

For products that are no longer repaired, please see "Availability of repair service" from the page below.

Service Information by Product

Warranty period for repair

Hioki guarantees its repair work. As long as the product in question is used under the conditions described in its instruction manual, any additional repair work (a repair of the same issue) that was necessitated by Hioki within a certain period of time will be offered free of charge.

Repair term

We may improve products or switch models without notice in order to enhance the competitiveness of our products and our productivity. We will repair discontinued products for a minimum of five years from the date of their discontinuation, although we may elect to propose that the customer switch to an alternative model if it is difficult to repair a product due to social or economic conditions. Once five years has passed since a product’s discontinuation, we will only accept calibration requests for that product if we're able to perform that work in-house.

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