Measuring 1500V DC Solar Panel Installation

QThe AC/DC Clamp Meter CM4375-50 has a safety rating of CAT III 1000 V. Can it measure 1500 V DC solar panels?


The maximum rated line-to-ground voltage of AC/DC Clamp Meter CM4375-50 is up to 1000 V, so it cannot be measured with the instrument itself. 
For measurements above 1000 V, attach the DC High Voltage Probe P2000 to safely measure rated line-to-ground voltage of up to 2000 V (CAT III 2000 V, CAT IV 1000 V).

When using with the CM437x-50 series, CM4141-50, and DT4261, there is a "DC High V Probe" function.
When 2000 V is measured with this function, the screen display can be read straightforward as "2000 V", which is convenient because there is no need to convert the measured value.

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