Effective measurement range of power quality analyzer

QThe voltage range of the PQ3198 is 600V only. Is it possible to measure a 690V circuit?


Yes, you can measure 690V. 
Although the PQ3198 is defined as having a "600V range" to align with international standards for delineating voltage categories, the effective measurement range (with guaranteed accuracy) is "130% of range", so you can accurately measure from 10 to 780V (130% of 600V). 

The effective measurement range of each function on the PQ3198 are:

  • Voltage:  10 to 780V AC, 1 to 600V DC
  • Current:  1% to 120% of range
  • Power:  0.15% to 130% of range (both voltage and current are within the effective measurement range.)
  • Harmonics:  Specified separately (Please refer to the instruction manual.)

For your reference, the PQ3100 Power Quality has a "1000V range" with an effective measurement range from 10V to 1000V AC as well as from 5V to 1000V DC.