How can I download the application and learn more about communications commands? (Impedance Analyzer)

QHow can I download a sample program application for controlling Hioki measuring intruments via a PC and learn more about communications commands?


A sample communication program using C++, VB, VBA, Matlab, LabView or python languages is also downloadable from this website via the link below:

Sample program for communication with HIOKI products

This sample program has been tested with the following Hioki component measuring instrument series:
  • IM Impedance Analyzer series
  • RM Resistance Meter series
  • ST Electrical Safety Tester series
  • BT BatteryTester series
  • TM Optical Meter series
  • PW Power Analyzer and Power Meter series

For LCR meters and impedance analyzers, you can download the sample application and view the Communications Command User Guide here.  The user guide provides instructions on how to control the measuring instruments or switch out obsolete products with new Hioki models via a PC connected using RS-232C, USB (virtual COM port), GP-IB or LAN.

A simple explanation of the sample application is available in the PDF document below.

Applicable products: IM3523, IM3533, IM3533-01, IM3570, IM3590, IM3536, IM7580A, IM7581, IM7583, IM7585, IM7587