Instability of 3554-50 measured values

QWhen I used the 3554-50 to measure a battery’s internal resistance, the instrument was unable to display the reading because the resistance values were unstable.


If the measured values are unstable as described below, try the suggested action under “Causes and solutions.”

1. The measured values are abnormal.
2. The instrument display shows “----.”
3. The instrument display shows “OVER.”

Causes and solutions
1. There is a wiring break in the test leads. → Replace the test leads.
*Test leads that have been bent frequently in the past may develop a break in their wiring.
2. The test leads are not connected properly. → Connect the test leads properly.
3. The 3554-50’s fuse has blown. → Replace the fuse.
4. Zero-adjustment has not been performed properly. → Perform zero-adjustment properly.
5. An appropriate range has not been selected. → Select an appropriate range with the instrument’s range button.
6. The tip of the pin-type lead is damaged. → The tip pin on the 9465-10 and 9772 (9465-90/9772-90) is user-replaceable.

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