Sending measured data as e-mail attachment. (Power Quality Analyzer PQ3198)

QIs it possible to send the event data measured with the Power Quality Analyzer PQ3198 as an e-mail attachment and display it with the PQ One application software that comes with the PQ3198?


It is possible.
When sending the data as an email attachment, please compress not only the event data file (.EVT) but also the data storage folder. In order to display the data in PQ One, you will need a configuration file (.SET) and various other files.
In the data storage folder, "YY" means the last two digits of the year, "MM" means the month, "DD" means the day, and "NN" means the sequential number of that day in red circle.

= 19  01  01  00
= 19  01  01  01

For large size files, please use a file sharing service.

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