V1.22 Sep 15, 2023

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Firmware (
version upgrade procedure (ST4030SoftwareUpgradeManual.pdf)

Version upgrade should be conducted by a qualified technician familiar with the functions and operations.
If you are uncertain as to how to proceed, please contact your local HIOKI distributor for assistance.
・All software provided here is the best version currently available.
・If the problems or errors during this download and install lead to malfunction, please contact your dealer or Hioki representative.
・The ownership, intellectual right and all other associated rights relating to the software provided here belong to Hioki E.E. Corporation.

If you have read and understand the information above and wish to proceed then please download the designated files.
As for version upgrade procedure, please download "ST4030SoftwareUpgradeManual.pdf" which describes the preparation and procedure for upgrading firmware after downloading the files.
The version upgrade results in changes to the instruction manual. Please download "ST4030A971-00.pdf" which describes the details of the improvements.

Precaution when updating firmware:
・To conduct the version upgrade, USB flash drive is required.
・During the version upgrade process, do not turn off the power to the ST4030 and do not remove the USB flash drive from the slot.

Firmware for Model ST4030

The current newest software versions are shown below. A version update is highly recommended if you are running older firmware.
Version :V1.22

Before you proceed

The firmware version is displayed on the INFO tab of the SYSTEM screen.

Version Upgrade History

V1.22(September 2023)
Bug correction
1. In V1.20 and V1.21, during LAN communication , when a fixed amount (10kB) or more of a communication command is received, a communication error occurs, or the main unit hangs up.
2. There are cases where the table does not change even if the manual voltage adjustment setting is changed and then the table is changed from the communications command.
3. When the setting for automatic voltage adjustment or manual voltage adjustment is changed, the display part of the applied voltage setting on the main body screen may not match the changed setting.
4. Other Minor corrections.

V1.21(May 2023)
Bug correction
1.The response to the :MODE? command in TEST mode is incorrect. It should have returned GENERAL, but it returned TEST.

V1.20 (February 2023)
Added functions and improvements
1. Automatic Voltage Adjustment.
2. Manual Voltage Adjustment.
3. Degaussing Pulse/Measurement Pulse Detection Signal Output.
4. Extension to Area Detection Threshold Settings.
5. Fixing Startup Mode.
6. Permanently Enabling the Interlock Function.
7. Permanently Enabling Level Operation of the EXT. I/O STOP Pin.
8. Improved binary transfer rate during USB communication.
9. Voltage calibration is now possible even when the - side wave height value is larger than the + side wave height value of the response waveform.

Bug correction
1. The :MEMORY:COUNT? command fails when the memory function is OFF in RPDIV mode.
2. If the FRAM data in the unit is corrupted, it may not be able to start up.
3. When voltage calibration is performed with the measurement lead open, discharge detection is not performed and the result is always a FAIL judgment.

1.Minor corrections.

V1.10  (February 2022)
Added functions
・Tests discharge status by performing impulse testing in which the applied voltages comply with the IEC 61934 procedure.
    This function only for models equipped with ST9000 Discharge Detection Upgrade.
・Applies voltage pulses continuously.
・Measures rise time.
・Selects the method used to position the master waveform and measured waveforms.
・Flexible configuration of automatically setting the waveform judgment scope and threshold values.
Bug correction
・ESR0 may not reflect the status of the second and subsquent measurements when measures many times without reading ESR0.
・If LC or RC judgment measure value becomes negative at voltage calibration, the LC/RC points are outside the display range of the graph.
・Minor additions and corrections.
Postscript (28 Jul 22)
・Updated software upgrade manual.

V1.05  (September 2021)
・Fixed a bug that when turn on the power in the key lock state, the EXT.I/O START signal does not work until the settings are changed.
・Fixed a bug that when turn on the power in the key lock state, the output voltage becomes about 1% to 7% smaller until the settings are changed.

V1.04  (December 2019)
・Unified the firmware for the ST4030 and ST4030A.
・When the settings saved in ST4030A are loaded into the ST4030, only settings that can be output by the ST4030 are read.
・Fixed minor bugs.

V1.02 (September 2019)
・Increased the number of response waveforms that can be evaluated.
・Improved usability with respect to creating threshold values.
・Fixed minor bugs.