How to measure the insulation resistance of electronic products (Insulation Tester, Analog MΩ HiTester)

QInsulation resistance meters (Insulation Tester) are used for repair and inspection of an electronic products (electrical appliance). Want to know details of how to measure them.


In general, the insulation resistance of an electronic products (electrical appliance) can be measured by:

1. LINE terminal side of the insulation tester
With the power plug unplugged from the outlet, turn on the power switch of the appliance. Then short-circuit between the power plugs and connect them to the LINE terminal of the insulation tester.

2. EARTH terminal side of insulation meter
Connect to the ground of an electronic product or to a metal part of an enclosure that may be touched by people.
After making the above connections, measure the insulation resistance.
For details on connection methods and test voltages, please consult with the manufacturer of the appliance.

Note: Do not measure between the power plugs (between L and N). High voltage may be applied from the insulation tester to the electrical appliance and the product may damage.

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