Leakage current measurement of IEC62368-1

QIs it possible to measure leakage current in a network that complies with IEC62368-1? (Leak Current HiTester ST5540, ST5541)


Yes, it is possible.
The ST5540 and ST5541 come standard with a network that complies with IEC62368-1 standards.
Please select network C when measuring.
However, the AC+DC measurement value required by the standard differs from the AC+DC measurement value of the ST5540 and ST5541 in the calculation formula. Please calculate it separately by your own.

[Calculation method]
IEC62368-1: Judgment criterion is Idc (mA)/2 + Iac rms (mA) /0.5 ≤ 1 (mA)
ST5540, ST5541: The measured values of AC+DC are different from the above because they are calculated using true RMS values.
Measure DC and AC at ST5540 and ST5541 respectively, calculate the values using the above formula, and then make a judgment. 

* IEC62368-1: Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment - Part 1: Safety requirements

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