Beep(ing) sound settings of Leak Current HiTester

QI've just got my Leak Current HiTester ST5540 back from calibration. Beeping sound occurs even though it is PASS. What should I do?


Confirm the beep sound setting from [System] > [Beep].

There are four beep settings: 
1. When entering keys
2. Judgements
3. 110% voltage output (when using Network B)
4. When voltage is output to terminal T2

The default setting is as shown in the following figure. Please check the beep setting when the instrument is returned to you from repair or calibration. In test mode that output high voltage (contact current, etc.), the beep sound (warning sound) and DANGER lamp are both ON.

BeepKey input:ON
110% voltage output:ON
Output terminal T2:ON

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