Electrical measuring devices for verifying the safety of medical equipment

QWe are manufacturing medical equipment such as ventilators, artificial cardiopulmonary devices and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machines (ECMO). Do you have any instruments that comply with safety standards for leakage current testing (patient leakage current) or insulation withstand voltage testing?


To test the safety of medical equipment such as ventilators, artificial cardiopulmonary devices and ECMO, we recommend the Hioki ST5540 Leak Current HiTester, which complies with the IEC60601-1:(2005) 3rd Standard. 

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ST5540 Leak Current HiTester User's Guide - Types of Patient Leakage Current and How to Test

・For more information about the ST5540, please contact us, or contact your local Hioki distributor.

Other Safety Tests
To verify the safety of medical devices, protective continuity testing (or earth continuity testing) is also necessary, as well as withstanding voltage testing.  For these tests, please consider the following Hioki products:
3157 AC Grounding HiTester: complies with IEC60601-1 and other safety electrical safety laws
3153 Automatic Insulation/Withstanding HiTester: test according to electrical safety laws and various safety standards

Hioki Electrical Safety Testing Equipment

Please consult with your medical equipment manufacturer for further details about and the difference between medical ventilators and ECMO.  Please also refer to the diagram below to understand the difference between a ventilator and ECMO.