BT5525 Sample application

V1.04 Aug 31, 2023

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Application (
Manual (BT5525SampleApplicationManual_en_03.pdf)

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○ The following operations can be performed on the BT5525.
・Setting for BT5525.
・Display of measured values. (measurement or update of measured values at specified time intervals.)
・Backup and Restoration of the instrument's settings.
・Sending and receiving communication commands.
・Displaying and saving monitor data.
・Displaying and saving BDD data.

Version Upgrade History

V1.04 (Aug. 2023)
・Fixed a bug that the AUTORANGE setting is not backed up by the backup tool.
・Fixed a bug that the measurement value is cleared at the end of the test when CURRENT LIMIT is set to AUTO and DUT CAPACITY is set to AUTO.
・Changed the app design and icon.

V1.03 (Apr. 2023)
・Added Windows 11 to the operating environment OS.
・Added a function to update the set value when the current limiter value is changed when the current limiter is set to AUTO.
・Improved some operations and fixed bugs in the "Insulation Resistance Test" function.

V1.02  (Nov. 2022)
Fixed an issue where the CSV auto-save function did not update the measurement settings as they were when the app was connected.

V1.01  (Oct. 2022)
First release

Operating Environment

CPU: 1 GHz or greater Memory: 512 MB or more OS: Windows 10, Windows 11
Microsoft .NET Framework 6.0
Interface: USB 2.0 (virtual COM port), LAN
Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768 dots or greater
Hard disk: 5 MB free space or more (However, if .NET Framework 6.0 is not installed, approximately 2.5 GB is required separately)