V4.06 Jan 30, 2024

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Firmware (
Procedure on how to update the firmware (MR6000VUPE.pdf)

・All software provided the best version currently available.
・If the problems or errors during this download and install lead to malfunction, please contact your dealer or Hioki representative.
・The ownership, intellectual right and all other associated rights relating to the software provided here belong to Hioki E.E. Corporation.
If you have read and understand the information above and wish to proceed then please download the designated files.
As for version upgrade procedure, please download "Procedure on how to update the firmware" which describes the preparation and procedure for upgrading firmware after downloading the files.

Precaution when updating firmware:
・To conduct the version upgrade, Hioki genuine USB memory stick or SD card is required.
・During the version upgrade process, don't turn off the power to the MR6000 or remove the storage media from the slot. Turning power off will result in failure to upgrade the MR6000, and the instrument must be returned to the Hioki factory for repair.

Firmware for the Model MR6000 and MR6000-01

The current newest software versions are shown below. A version update is highly recommended if you are running older firmware.

Version :V4.06

Before you proceed

The version number is displayed as "System version" on the upper center of the system information screen.

Version Upgrade History

V4.06 (Jan. 2024)
- Added communication command :GENerator:ARBData for setting arbitrary waveform data.
Resolved bugs
- When a measurement is performed with real-time save turned ON, if there is no signal flowing on CAN bus at the start of the measurement, a storage file for the CAN data flowing on the bus is not generated thereafter.

V4.05 (Aug. 2023)
Added function
1. 2A/2V mode is now automatically recognized when a 2A rated current sensor is connected to the U8977.
1.Waveform calculation RSLV (resolver) has added a parameter.
Resolved bugs
1.Wrong data is saved when saving in waveform data in floating point format after loading the second and subsequent files of a split save file, or after reading an interval save file.
2.If the CAN database file (.dbc) has a signal name of 33 characters or more or a unit of 17 characters or more, it will freeze when reading the dbc file from the CAN screen.
3.Other minor bugs were resolved.

V4.04 (Jul. 2023)
1.Arbitrary waveform data of the U8793 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Unit can now be registered by specifying a section from the measured data with a cursor.
2.When the display format is [Time sequence + FFT], time-sequence waveform data is added to the text save file.
Resolved bugs
1.Can't move list line properly on CAN signal setting screen.
2.Variable setting value may be incorrect when fixed grid mode is ON.
3.Other minor bugs were resolved.

V4.03 (Mar. 2023)
1.Enabled to load waveform files of MR8847A, MR8827, MR8740, MR8741 that are measured and saved with pre-trigger set in DIV units.
Resolved bugs
1.Unable to read text format arbitrary waveform file for U8793 (extension .TXT or .CSV).

V4.02 (Sep. 2022)
1.When the CAN realtime display is OFF, the measurement value acquisition time using communication commands has been sped up.
2.Waveform files saved by MR8740T can now be read (only UNIT1 to UNIT8 waveforms).
Resolved bugs
1.When measuring with external sampling, if the sampling setting of internal sampling is a high-speed range of 20 MS/s or higher, the data of the 4CH unit will line up with the same value every two samples.
2.If you stop the realtime save in the middle, one extra file will be created.
3. Touching the title part of the CAN signal list terminates the UI application.
4.When reading a waveform file of the MR8847 series, if one channel is saved in one unit and the other channel is not saved, the unsaved channel will also display a random waveform.
5.Other minor bugs were resolved.

V4.01 (May 2022)
Resolved bugs
1.The power calculation value when the wiring method is 3V3A and Δ-Y convert is turned ON is incorrect.

V4.00 (Apr. 2022)
Added function
1.Power Calculation.
2.MR8790 and MR8791 are now applicable.
3.Waveform Calculation (Resolver, Encoder).
4.The number of screens to be divided (Triangle, Hexagon, Nonagon).
5.Network drive.
1.The maximum number of calculation points for waveform calculation has been increased to 5,000,000 points.
2.Waveform file format in ASAM MDF 4.0 format.
3.The amount of movement of the rotary knob can be adjusted in 3 steps.
4.Enabled to select the display channel of the trace cursor value.
5.Waveform files saved by MR8847, MR8827, MR8740, MR8741 can now be read.
Resolved bugs
1.CAN statistical numerical calculation cannot be performed for CAN signals with IDs of 0x2000000 or higher. Also, the CAN signal of the extended ID cannot be displayed in real time.
2.When the sampling speed of the instantaneous waveform of dual sampling is 25 times the sampling speed of the trend waveform and the 4CH unit is installed, the sampling speed of the trend waveform is about 4% faster than it actually is.
3.When the arbitrary waveform data of U8793 is read from the file, the waveform different from the actual data is read.
4.When the waveform file calculated by specifying the segment is read, the waveform calculated waveform different from the actual one is displayed.
5.Other minor bugs were resolved.

V3.51 (Aug. 2021)
1.Save the settings related to the waveform display on the environment setting screen to the waveform binary file.
Resolved bugs
1.When a file saved in realtime with the fastest measurement sampling on the SSD is loaded into the MR6000 with a built-in HDD, the time value for measurement sampling is one step slower.
2.Variable settings in grid fixed mode saved in the waveform binary file are not saved for all channels, only CH1 settings for each unit are saved.
3.The amplitude values of the arbitrary waveform data of the WFG file saved by SF8000 and the WFG file saved by MR6000 are different.
4.If a file error occurs intermittently, a Windows out of memory error will occur.
5.The MR6000 freezes when more than 32 characters are entered in the folder name for save key operation.

V3.50 (May 2021)
Added function
1.U8793 arbitrary waveform generator unit is now applicable
2.Fix gird mode
3.LIN Measurement Function
4.Displaying CAN/LIN Waveforms during measurement
5.The numerical value display screen
6.Divided file auto reading
7.Add file type (MDF, COMTRADE)
8.Numerical Calculation (CAN statistics)
9.Waveform Calculation (polarity, binarization, RMS)
1.Waveform calculation is possible even when measuring 2000000 points or more
2.The overlay position of the memory division waveform can be selected
3.Added bit comparison condition to CAN trigger
Resolved bugs
1.When memory division and trigger priority are ON, if a trigger is applied before the pre-trigger time elapses, incorrect data will be displayed in the latter half of the waveform.
2.Section cursors above 4294967296 cannot be used

V3.11 (Oct. 2020)
Resolved bugs
1. When performing realtime save at 20MS/s, the data measured by U8978 is saved incorrectly.
2. If measurement is stopped while waiting for a trigger with memory division turned on, the waveform file cannot be saved manually after that.
3. A.A.F. (anti-aliasing filter) does not work.
4. When file split save and delete save are used together, delete save is not performed when continuous measurement is performed 20,000 times or more.
5. An out-of-memory error occurs if you continue to measure with the free space of the save destination 100MB or less in the delete save.

V3.10 (May 2020)
1.Revised Chinese instruction manual
Resolved bugs
1.When a CAN remote frame is input, the waveform with the same message ID as that remote frame becomes abnormal
2. Other minor bugs were resolved.

V3.00 (Apr.2020)
Added function
1.CAN Measurement Function
2.Dual Sampling
3.XY Composite Waveforms
4.Displaying inputted value on the monitor
5.External sampling (rising and falling edge)
6.Waveform Calculation (Period)
1.Increased the number of numerical calculations to 32
Resolved bugs
1.When real-time saving by FTP transmission when the sampling speed is slow, saving stops halfway.
V2.13 (Nov. 2019)
Resolved bugs
 1. Insufficient memory error when displaying Chinese.
2.When AAF is turned on and the sampling speed is set to a speed higher than 100 kS / s, the accuracy may not be satisfied.
3.When a waveform file containing realtime calculation waveforms saved with MR6000-01 is read with MR6000, a frustrating waveform is displayed.
V2.12 (Oct. 2019)
 Added function
  1. Compatible with Current Probe CT6710/CT6711 and Current Sensor CT6877.
  2. The measurement can be started / stopped with the mouse.
Resolved bugs
 1. Calculation position cannot be selected when executing FFT calculation.
 2. When real-time saving of FTP is interrupted, invalid data is saved at the end of the file.
 3. Characters cannot be entered during remote operation from an Internet browser.

V2.11 (May 2019)
Added function
 1. Chinese instruction manual added
Resolved bugs
 1. Saving only event marks is enabled when saving text automatically with envelope ON.
 2. If the capacity of the storage destination media for realtime save is 64 MB or less, the recording time can be set up to 10000 days.

V2.10 (Feb. 2019)
Added function
 1. FFT Function
 2. Memory Division Function
 3. Waveform Calculation Function
 4. U8977/U8978/U8979 units are now applicable
 5. Quick access menu
Resolved bugs
1. When thinning is done by saving text, file division is performed with a size smaller than the specification.
 2. Other minor bugs were resolved.

V1.61 (Jul. 2018)
 1. Stabilization of behavior of Operation System.

V1.60 (Jun. 2018)
 Added function
 1.Chinese display screen
 Resolved bugs
 1. When turning on the power, "System Loading" is displayed and will not proceed.
 2. Automatic disk checking at power on start is repeated when system protection is on.
 3. When removing and loading the SD card is repeated 4 to 5 times, the MR6000 will not recognize the installation of the SD card.
 4.Other minor bugs were resolved.