V1.23 Jan 30, 2024

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  • Product firmware (product upgrades) and computer application software can only be downloaded for products you have registered on the my HIOKI service.
Firmware (
Procedure on how to update the firmware (MR8827VUPE.pdf)

・All software provided the best version currently available.
・If the problems or errors during this download and install lead to malfunction, please contact your dealer or Hioki representative.
・The ownership, intellectual right and all other associated rights relating to the software provided here belong to Hioki E.E. Corporation.

If you have read and understand the information above and wish to proceed then please download the designated files.
As for version upgrade procedure, please download ”Procedure on how to update the firmware” which describes the preparation and procedure for upgrading firmware after downloading the files.
The upgradefile is common to MR8827.

Precaution when updating firmware:
・To conduct the version upgrade, USB memory stick is required.
・During the version upgrade process, don’t turn off the power to the MR8827 or don't remove the USB memory stick from the slot.

Firmware for the Model MR8827

The current newest firmware versions are shown below. A version update is highly recommended if you are running older firmware.

・Firmware Version : V1.23

Before you proceed

The version numbers of firmware can be checked by viewing the bottom left portion of the startup window when the MR8827 is turned on.
When selecting ”System Information” from "Self Check" on System screen, the currently running firmware version numbers will appear at the bottom.

Version Upgrade History

V1.23 (January 2024)   Newest Version
Resolved bugs
・Fixed a bug where an LVDS lock error would be displayed on the screen and operation would become impossible if a specific value was input to the logic unit when the power was turned on.
・Fixed a bug where the envelope wave print became faint when performing realtime printing for a long time in a slow range of 10 min/div or more.
・Fixed the bug that the waveform data becomes wrong value with a probability of 1/8 when the measurement is stopped while the external sampling signal is not input when the roll mode is OFF.
・Fixed the bug that if the AAF setting was ON on the 8968, the value would be incorrect at the first measurement after changing the setting on the "Each Channel" screen.
・Fixed a bug where, when the "Used Ch" setting was other than 1-32ch, when performing FFT calculation (reference: From Mmemory) using CH17 to CH32 as the calculation source, the calculation result was displayed but could not be saved.

V1.22  (February 2020)
・Communication commands ":MEMory:GETReal, VREAl? and LREAl?” for obtaining instantaneous values can be executed during measurement.
・The CF card reset time has been extended so that it can be correctly recognized even in noisy environments.

V1.21  (November 2019)
Resolved bugs
・Fixed a bug when AAF is turned on and the sampling speed is set to a speed higher than 1ms/div the accuracy may not be satisfied.
・Increased mouse models.
・The setting state of the save channel when saving the waveform file is retained.

V1.20  (August 2019)
Added functions
・The U8979 charge unit can be used with this model.
・CT6865 has been added to the sensor that can be used in the 8971 current unit.
・The sensor types CT6700, CT6701, CT6710 and CT6711 have been added to the "clamp" of scaling.
・When the measurement is interrupted while waiting for the trigger, the numerical result is also preserved when the waveform data remains.
Resolved bugs
・Fixed a bug when the measurement of maximum, minimum and peak value is set by numerical calculation, the calculation result displayed when stopping measurement is incorrect may be incorrect.

V1.14 (January 2018)
Resolved bugs
・Fixed a bug that the value obtained using the communication command ": MEMory: GETReal;: VREAl?" for the 12-bit measurement unit is slightly larger than the correct value.
・Other minor bugs were resolved.
・Variable setting is automatically changed after changing the scaling setting value of the strain unit.
・The automatic balancing method of the strain unit was improved and the accuracy was improved.

V1.13 (August 2016)
Resolved bugs
・When the auto-saving to PC connected via LAN is stoppded、during measurement by the recorder function or roll mode,Unreadable file is created.
・Not be able to read arbitrary waveform files using the communication command.
・Other minor bugs were resolved.

V1.12 (April 2016)
Resolved bugs
・While using the remote control function of the 9333, When the LAN cable is disconnected MR8827 to freeze.

V1.11 (January 2016)
Resolved bugs
・The resolution of the U8974 analog unit is 12bit (but does not affect the accuracy).
・When the destination is a LAN and the image shot is set more than 26div, it fails to create a waveform image save file.

V1.10 (December 2015)
Added functions
・Waveform generation unit is available.
Resolved bugs
・Fixed a bug that High/Low calculation is wrong value when the number of data is small.
・Fixed a bug that STOP input of the external terminal does not work, when the setting of  the external control terminal was to START & STOP.

V1.03 (May 2015)
Resolved bugs
・When the main operation in the HMR Terminal, if you change the range during the measurement in the time-axis range is 100ms / div following slow time axis, Fixed an issue in which the waveform of the HMR Terminal will no longer be updated.
・Fixed save kind of when you switch the function.
・Fixed the range setting display of waveform screen.
・When the remote control by using the 9333, UP / DOWN key operation of the time axis range has been added.