V1.23 Dec 28, 2021

If you are unable to download software, please check the following:
  • Please register a my HIOKI account and then use it to log in to the my HIOKI service.
  • Product firmware (product upgrades) and computer application software can only be downloaded for products you have registered on the my HIOKI service.
firmware (PW3337V123.zip)
PW3336/PW3337 Power Meter Version Update Procedures (PW3336_3337-vup.pdf)

Version upgrade should be conducted by a qualified technician familiar with the functions and operations of Model PW3336/PW3337.
If you are uncertain as to how to proceed, please contact your local HIOKI distributor for assistance.

・All software provided here is freeware and the best version currently available.
・If the problems or errors during this download and install lead to malfunction, please contact your dealer or Hioki representative.
・The ownership, intellectual right and all other associated rights relating to the software provided here belong to HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION.

If you have read and understand the information above and wish to proceed then please download the designated files.
As for version upgrade procedure, please download ”PW3336/PW3337 Power Meter Version Update Procedures” which describes the preparation and procedure for upgrading firmware after downloading the files.

Precaution when updating software:
・In order to update the firmware of Models PW3336 and PW3337, the power meters must be connected to a Windows PC using a LAN cable. Please ensure that this is available before proceeding.

Software for the Model PW3336/PW3337

The latest firmware version is as follows.
This version upgrade contains an enhancement of the harmonic measurement performance. Refer to Version Upgrade History below.
・Version: (V1.23)

Before you proceed

Please check the version number of the firmware that is displayed along with the model name of the product to the LED display when the power is turned on the PW3336/PW3337.

Version Upgrade History

V1.23  (December 2021)   Newest Version
Function addition
1.Compatibility to GENNECT One.

V1.22 (May 2015)
1. The occurrence frequency of the lighting-up of the HRM ERROR lamp, which indicates that an error occurs during a harmonic measurement, resulting from measurement gaps is reduced from up to 40% (during measurements at 45 Hz) to 0% during harmonic measurements at a fundamental frequency within the following ranges:
 45 Hz and more but less than 50 Hz
 56 Hz and more but less than 60 Hz

V1.21 (February 2015)
Fixed bugs
1. GP-IB communication connection issues.
2. When sending commands exceeding 1024 bytes via GP-IB, the PW3336/PW3337 would hang or freeze.
3. Despite sending the HOLD RESET command during integration, a device dependent error was not issued.
4. Requests to change the display item using the command “:DISP:MODE” could not be actioned.
5. Corrected the response to invalid addresses sent using the command “:IP:ADDRess”.
6. GP-IB serial poll operation issues
7. When using the command “:DATAout:ITEM”, commands other than those that can be specified by this command are now cleared.
8. GP-IB controller settings not supported by the hardware have been corrected.

V1.20 (November 2014)
Characteristic Improvement
1.Displayed voltage values that are acquired by measuring PWM waveforms output from secondary sides of inverters and converted by the average value rectified RMS converted value method (Umn) are improved to the same level as those measured with other power meters.
The characteristic improvement will not affect any accuracy specifications.
Fixed bugs
1.During average operation, starting integrations brought average values to zero.
2.During communications via RS-232C, pressing repeatedly the LOCAL key stopped instrument operation.
3.During the display hold, switching the display between the normal and the harmonic with the communications commands disabled the display hold.
1.The communication processing via LAN, RS-232C and GP-IB is standardized to that of HIOKI Model PW3335 Power Meter (launched in September, 2014).

V1.10 (December 2013)
Added functions
1. Added 100Hz/5kHz to the frequency range.
Fixed bugs
1. During GP-IB communication, when one row of commands is significantly long (for example, when multiple commands are strung together in one row), there may be error in recognizing the commands.
2. During integration, before starting the integration calculation function, the start timer behaved abnormally.
3. In key lock state, remote control over a LAN was also made invalid.
4. When using the MODE command for the 3331 Power HiTESTER to specify a 3-phase line, 3P3W2M was specified for the wiring of the PW3336/PW3337.
5. When querying the display state using the ”DISP: MODE?” command after changing the display using the HRM key, a response different from the true response was returned.
6. During LAN communication, when closing the port immediately after sending a settings command, the settings command could not be processed.
7. After starting Averaging, prior to displaying the first average value, the efficiency display showed o.r. This has been fixed to show the instantaneous value.

V1.00 (June 2013)