Create Reports with Illuminance Measurements during Building Inspections

The Importance of Emergency and Exit Lighting

Emergency lighting and illuminated exit signs are an integral part of a building’s safety and evacuation plan.  National and local fire protection and safety codes require adequate and reliable illumination for exits, and some electric codes also require specific illumination and performance of all emergency and exit lights.  In order to provide evidence of compliance, building owners are required to furnish written records of visual inspections and tests upon final completion of the building, and of periodic maintenance, when required.

Inspection Reports

In many cases, inspection reports must include floorplan drawings on which illuminance measured values have been noted. For large, multi-story buildings or campuses consisting of several buildings, the ability to create reports while making measurements on site is indispensable.  Hioki delivers an effective solution with the Lux Meter FT3425, which can be paired with the free GENNECT Cross mobile app via Bluetooth® communications.  With these tools in hand, reports can be quickly created by following these simple steps:

* Load the image of the building floorplan drawing (JPG or PNG) into GENNECT Cross.
* Tap the drawing to specify the measurement locationsWhen illuminance values measured with the Lux Meter FT3425 are sent to GENNECT Cross, they will be saved in order of the designated measurement points.
* Create PDF report that combines the drawing with the measurement data.

Convenience of GENNECT Cross App

GENNECT Cross provides convenient way to author reports even when you have to use a standardized format. Simply output the drawing on which illuminance measured values have been placed and a CSV file of measured values to a computer via email, Dropbox™, or iCloud™ (iOS version only) and use those resources to create the report

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