Streamline Connections when Auditing the Energy Profile of Multiple Loads

Proper Measurement is Key to Energy Efficiency Savings

Energy efficiency is indispensable for lowering energy costs and contributing to emissions reductions.  Over the years, we have embraced the common practice of turning off unused lighting and turning our attention towards more energy efficient home appliances.  To further pursue energy efficiency, however, one of the key challenges is to properly measure and continue improving energy efficiency savings through energy studies and identifying your energy profile.  A comprehensive study includes analyzing which loads are drawing the most power, and using the measurement data, assessing the situation in order to minimize or remove inefficient or unnecessary use of electricity.

Analyze Your Energy Profile to Assess Required Changes

In a building, plant or office, typically more than one load is connected to a single source of power, and to effectively measure the weight each load has on the power supply, it is necessary to measure all loads from the time they are turned on and throughout their operation at the same time so that the data can serve as a basis for changes that need to be made to improve energy efficiency.  Measurements can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week, depending on the operating profile, and changes to how they operate after the energy audit may include rescheduling of loads for better overall energy performance or replacing old, less energy efficiency equipment with more advanced technologies.

L1021 Patch Cord Streamlines Wiring

The PW3360 Clamp On Power Logger with 3P4W and maximum 780V measurement capabilities represents the ideal energy logger to facilitate such audits and analyses.  A QUICK SET function guides you in making the right connections, and plug-and-play Hioki clamp sensors contribute to creating a safe and turnkey measurement system that can be used by the most novice electricians.  A unique option is the L1021 Patch Cord, which lets you consolidate the three sets of voltage leads needed to connect to the 3 loads under measure into just one set on the power supply side in order to streamline measurement and avoid complicated and messy wiring.

Learn how to correctly wire with the L1021 patch cord and other information by downloading the complete application note below.

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