How to Measure the Performance of Insulation Paper

Insulating Paper Used in Transformers and Motors

Electrical insulation paper is used to insulate transformers and motors because pure cellulose has outstanding electrical properties.  During development, manufacturers of insulation paper need to test their products in order to ensure a consistent level of quality.

How is Insulating Paper Manufacturered?

Insulating paper is manufactured by soaking paper in oil and then drying it. Excessive drying can cause the formation of cracks during processing, while inadequate drying can result in insulation defects.

To ensure a consistent level of quality, the Super Megohmmeter SM-8220 can be used to manage the insulating state of the paper using numerical data.  As shown below, simply cut a small sample and place in the SME-8310 Plate Sample Electrode, and measure the output with the super megohmmeter. 

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