News May. 09, 2023

Purchase of J-credits derived from the forests in Nagano Prefecture, toward a sustainable society

HIOKI E.E. Corporation (Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, President: Takahiro Okazawa) announces that it will purchase J-Credits derived from forests in Nagano Prefecture sold by Nagano Public Corporation of Forestry , which held at a press conference on April 13, through an introduction by The Hachijuni Bank, Ltd. .

J-Credit Purchase Certificate Presentation Ceremony

In February 2022, we formulated the "Basic Sustainability Policy" and the “HIOKI Sustainability Declaration”, which sets targets for CO2 emission, with the aim of realizing a sustainability society. The HIOKI Sustainability Declaration calls for achieving Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon neutrality by 2025 (the 90th anniversary of HIOKI’s founding) and achieving Scope 3 carbon neutrality by 2035 (the 100th anniversary of that). 

This time, we will purchase 100 t-CO2 J-credits derived from forests in Nagano Prefecture to offset Scope1 gasoline. This will offset approximately 1/3 of the gasoline/diesel oil consumption in all domestic offices in Japan including the headquarter. 

As a future measure, we will gradually switch to Evs, hybrid vehicles, PHVs to reduce the amount of gasoline and diesel used, in order to achieve carbon neutrality. 

The cost of the Nagano Prefecture forest-derived J-Credits will be used for forest conservation and biological protection in Nagano Prefecture. Believing that it will be useful for environmental conservation as set forth in the Basic Sustainability Policy, we have decided to purchase J-Credit.


* Basic Sustainability Policy and Sustainability Declaration


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