Product Oct. 11, 2018

Four Hioki Products Including the Memory HiCorder MR6000 Win 2018 Good Design Awards

October 4, 2018 - Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce that the Memory HiCorder MR6000, Power Analyzer PW3390,
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6904, and Lux Meter FT3425, all of which it manufactures and sells, have been recognized with the 2018 Good Design Award by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Below are summaries of the features of these four award-winning products.

Memory HiCorder MR6000
This flagship model offers the most measurement capacity of any Memory HiCorder ever introduced along with high-speed measurement at 200 MS/sec. (10 times faster than legacy models), and high-speed real-time saving of data that is 32 times faster than earlier generation devices. Direct, intuitive operation using a capacitive touch panel combines with higher-speed sampling and faster data processing to improve work efficiency.

Power Analyzer PW3390
In addition to support for performance testing under the new WLTP mode fuel efficiency standard, the PW3390 provides high-accuracy power analysis with basic accuracy of ±0.09%, placing it in the top tier of its category in the industry and exceeding the performance of its predecessor (the 3390). In addition to a measurement frequency band that has been expanded to 200 kHz, the instrument features a new phase shift function. The product is poised to make a significant contribution to the development, production, maintenance, and management of electric devices in the fields of energy conservation and alternative energy.

AC/DC Current Sensor CT6904
This current sensor delivers both a world-class measurement band (4 MHz, or 40 times that of the legacy model) and high accuracy, making it ideal for use in applications such as the evaluation of next-generation inverters, which operate on increasingly large currents and at increasingly high frequencies.

Lux Meter FT3425
The world’s first illuminance meter to offer Bluetooth® communications, the FT3425 can transfer measured values to a smartphone or tablet via GENNECT Cross, an app developed by Hioki. This capability has allowed users to halve the amount of time they spend making measurements, recording readings, and creating reports. Furthermore, an optional extension cart helps reduce the physical workload on technicians.

The Good Design Award program has been comprehensively evaluating product designs and recommending them to consumers for more than 50 years. Since receiving its first Good Design Award in 1985, Hioki has won the accolade 73 times (including two Long-life Design Awards). Hioki’s approach to product design seeks to pinpoint how customers feel when they hold and use its products in an effort to enrich their lives and society as a whole. These awards recognize both products’ improved performance and the benefits that stem from their designs.

Memory HiCorder MR6000 AC/DC Current Sensor CT6904 Power Analyzer PW3390 Lux Meter FT3425

Judges offered the following remarks concerning the products recognized this year:

Memory HiCorder MR6000
“Hioki has fine-tuned the design to transform it from a product that is used in maintenance in the field to one that can also be used in development, and in doing so it has looked toward development of technology for improving the energy efficiency of inverters and power conditioners as those devices continue to evolve. Although Hioki’s goal is to eke out every possible gain in measurement precision, enhancements such as sensitivity to the effects of minuscule changes, use of isolated channels, excellent portability, support for measurement over extended periods of time with features like an angled monitor and touch panel, and an interface capable of displaying multiple phenomena at once reflect the demands of both researchers and industrial customers, earning the product high marks.”

Power Analyzer PW3390
“Accurate power measurement plays an essential role in the development of technology for increasing the energy efficiency of inverters and power conditioners as those devices continue to evolve, and one can envision such instruments being used in a variety of settings and conditions. I was highly impressed with how well Hioki has made the instrument smaller, supported conversion cables and sensors, and designed an innovative power supply to accommodate use in a simply remarkable array of settings, all while maintaining the world-class level of measurement precision that it has achieved over the line’s many years of history.”

AC/DC Current Sensor CT6904
“Recent growth in the market for electric vehicles is boosting demand for current sensors that support large currents and high frequencies. I was impressed with the instrument’s world-class measurement accuracy and a level of performance that makes possible the world’s broadest measurement band. The product incorporates a variety of technical innovations and features that are designed to increase precision, including a compact design that reduces the distance between the sensor and the conductor under measurement, enhancements that reject noise, and a measurement band that is 40 times that of the previous model. By delivering such a demanding level of measurement accuracy, the CT6904 contributes to development, which is to say, to energy conservation. The design exhibits a comprehensive scope that accommodates the needs of users in the field through technological capability, a well-designed form factor, and innovative features.”

Lux Meter FT3425
“The product offers wireless capability and an auxiliary cart to solve issues with illuminance measurement work in buildings, namely the surprising inefficiency of such work and the sheer magnitude of repetition that it entails. As a result, work that previously required two people can be accomplished by one as reports become easier to create; mistakes, less frequent; and the process as a whole, faster. This revolutionary product introduces the first system of its kind in the world to reduce worker and time requirements while boosting efficiency for nighttime work that must be performed in a harsh environment over a limited timeframe that is measured in days.”


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