Product Mar. 03, 2015

Hioki Launches Power Analyzer PW6001

Measure High-Efficiency Inverters with World-Class Accuracy

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Power Analyzer PW6001.

Today, manufacturers are increasingly demanding the ability to measure energy conversion efficiency as they develop electric vehicles and solar power equipment. This type of measurement demands high accuracy, a broad range of measurement frequencies, and high stability, and Hioki’s Power Analyzer PW6001 is engineered to offer precisely this combination of capabilities.

The PW6001 delivers world-class measurement accuracy, a broader range of measurement frequencies than legacy and existing models, and a high level of stability thanks to improved noise resistance. The newly designed instrument also provides waveform analysis functionality and up to 12 measurement channels, a range of capabilities that befit the new model’s status as Hioki’s flagship power meter.

While power analyzers have traditionally been used primarily to conduct power measurement in order to reduce the power consumption of electrical equipment such as household appliances and audiovisual devices as part of a larger effort to conserve energy, today they are used increasingly to measure energy conversion efficiency.

One example of an application in which energy conversion efficiency is measured is the analysis of the motors used in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). These motors are driven by batteries and controlled by an inverter to facilitate efficient operation. It is possible to calculate the energy conversion efficiency of this setup by measuring power between the battery and inverter on the one hand and between the inverter and the motor on the other and then comparing and analyzing the resulting values.

Apart from the EV and HEV world, there is also increasing demand for energy conversion measurement of devices such as power conditioners used in solar power installations and wireless power supply systems.

Hioki developed the PW6001 as a power meter that delivers the high accuracy, broad range of measurement frequencies, and high level of measurement stability demanded by these and other measurement applications.


* EV/HEV motor analysis
* Measurement of the conversion efficiency of power conditioners used in solar power installations   
* Measurement of power conversion efficiency in wind power installations


1. World-class power measurement accuracy of 0.02% along with improved DC accuracy and sensor combined accuracy
The PW6001 conducts power measurements at a basic power accuracy of 0.02%, which places it among the world’s highest-accuracy instruments of its kind.

DC accuracy is a key consideration when measuring the energy conversion efficiency of DC/AC inverters used in EVs, and the PW6001 delivers DC measurement accuracy of 0.02% rdg. 0.05% f.s. When used in combination with one of many current sensors offered by Hioki, which range in rated capacity from 50 A to 1000 A, the PW6001 delivers accuracy of up to 0.07% rdg., even after adding the sensor accuracy.

The instrument uses an 18-bit A/D converter, which converts analog signals to digital signals (legacy models used a 16-bit converter). The resulting increase in resolution makes possible more precise measurement.

This functionality enables the PW6001 to measure even slight conversion efficiency values with a high degree of accuracy.

2. Broad range of measurement frequencies
Thanks to a broader range of measurement frequencies than was available on legacy and existing models, the PW6001 can measure today’s inverters, which implement increasingly high switching speeds. The power analyzer’s frequency band is 10 times wider than even that of the high-performance Hioki Model 3390-10

3. Waveform analysis functionality that rivals that of an oscilloscope
The PW6001 also provides waveform analysis functionality, which is necessary when measuring energy conversion efficiency. In addition to voltage and current waveforms, the instrument can simultaneously display torque sensor and encoder signals.

4. Up to 12 measurement channels
One PW6001 can measure up to six channels, and two power analyzers can be connected with an optical cable (of up to 500 m in length) to enable them to be used together as a power analysis system with up to 12 channels.

This capability envisions applications in which two separate points must be measured, for example at an electrical substation or plant.

5. Improved noise resistance for better measurement stability
In order to measure energy conversion efficiency at a high level of stability, it is necessary to reduce the effects of noise. The PW6001 delivers increased noise resistance and improved measurement stability thanks to its use of solid shielding made of metal that has been cut to a unique shape and photo-isolating devices that convert electrical signals into light.



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