Recording the progress of resistance changes

QWant to record changes in resistance over a long period of time. Are there any resistance measuring instruments that have analog output (D/A output) capability or can transfer measured values to a PC?


Yes, we do.
Introducing resistance meters that can be utilized in situations where changes over time are recorded, such as internal resistance of batteries, switches, connectors, and relays. (The object to be measured varies depending on the instrument.)

- D/A output type that can convert measured values (digital values) into analog values for output (D/A output)
By connecting D/A output to a Data Logger or other instruments, it is possible to easily record the changes of resistance values. 
 [Resistance Meter RM3545]  [Battery Tester BT3562A] 

- Type that can automatically transmit measured values to a PC via USB or RS-232C (Data Output Function).
 [Resistance Meter RM3544]  [Resistance Meter RM3545]

- Type that allows data stored in the internal memory of the instrument to be imported to a PC (USB mass storage mode).
Measured value memory is in CSV format.
 [Resistance Meter RM3548] 

- Type that can record multiple channels by mounting a module with resistance measurement function on the data logger.
In addition to resistance, inputs for DC voltage and temperature measurement can be selected for each channel, allowing different parameters to be collected at once.
 [Data Logger LR8450]