CSV data has MAX and MIN values at the same time stamp

QWhen I convert the recording data to CSV usinge WaveViewer, there are two values at the same time stamp. CH1(Max)[V] CH1(Min)[V] CH2(Max)[V] CH2(Min)[V]... There are always Max and Min values for each channel at the same time. Why does this happen, and which one is more appropriate to analyze the data?


The data is RECORDER function data with the extension ".rec".  The time axis and sampling interval are set in the RECORDER function, and the time axis is selectable in 19 steps between 10ms/div and 1h/div. The time axis resolution is 100 points/div, so the resolution is 10ms when 10s/div is set.
Then, if you set 1ms for the sampling interval, there are 10 sampling data in 10ms (time resolution).
The RECORDER function records the maximum and minumum from these 10 sampled data, resulting in two values for each time.
Unfortunately, we are not in a position to recommend which Max or Min data should be used for your evaluation.

For your reference, the sampling interval is fixed at 1/100 of the time axis range in the MEMORY function.
(1/80 of the time axis range for the 8807 and 8808)