DMM Communicator for DT4200s (DT4900-01)

Version 2.11 Jul 09, 2021

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application (Setup_DmmDT4200s_v2.11.exe)
DT4250 series Remote Operation Manual (DT425x_comm_Eng_03.pdf)
DT4280 series Remote Operation Manual (DT428x_comm_Eng_04.pdf)
DT4261 Remote Operation Manual (DT4261_comm_Eng_01.pdf)

USB Driver


This PC application software, “DMM Communicator”, transfers measurement data from DIGITAL MULTIMETER Models DT4250 series / DT4280 series / DT4261 to PC and makes available measurement parameters setting per PC.
# The exclusive communication cable, which is included in either COMMUNICATION PACKAGE DT4900-01 (USB), is needed for connecting DIGITAL MULTIMETER and PC.

Recommended PC Requirements

OS:    Windows 10(32-bit or 64-bit)
CPU:   CPU clocked at 1 GHz or greater
Memory: 512MB memory or more
Display: 1024 x 768 dots or more
Hard Disk:30MB hard disk space or more
Communication interface:USB2.0 (virtual COM port)


・Display of measurement value, display of graph and record of measurement data
・Setting of measurement range per PC
・Display of connecting configuration according to function set
・Saving recorded measurement data as CSV text file
・Paste record data to Excel
・Read memory data from DMM(DT4281/DT4282)

Installation procedure

1.Click [Download] and download the file.
2.Decompress the downloaded file.
3.Double click the decompressed file and follow the instructions appearing on the screen.
4.After installation has completed, the decompressed file can be deleted.

Version Upgrade History

V2.11 (Newest version)
・Support DT4261
・For Windows10

・Support DT4254/DT4255/DT4256
・For Windows8.1
・Support Excel 2003 or later
・Fix the graph display defect of max/min value (Limited to DT4280 series resistance measurement)

V 2.01
・Support DT4251/DT4252/DT4253.
・USB Automatic connection.
・For Windwos8

V 1.00
・First Release.

Contact Information

・HIOKI welcome opinions, suggestions, operation reports, and bug reports. Please send such communications to the following address.
・HIOKI reserves the right to incorporate any suggestions and opinions received in its products without notice.