Outdated Discontinued Products

The products listed below are discontinued products before 2012.

The successor/replacement products listed below may not be fully compatible with the functions of the discontinued products.
Specifications provided in brochures and instruction manuals are for reference only, and may have changed since its publication.
In addition, please note that the contact address for Hioki and our group companies indicated in some of the documents may not reflect the most updated information.

Can't find the product you are looking for? Also see Discontinued/Replacement Products.
Should you need any further assistance, please contact us.


Portable recorder EPR-3000 series20111024Not Available
THERMO HiPLAY 800119970910LR5000 Series
HUMIDITY HiPLAY 800519981110LR5000 Series
SOLID HiCORDER 810219870420Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8201-0019911114Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8201-0119910705Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8201-1019920618Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8201-1119960304Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8202-0019911017Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8202-0119910712Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8202-1019911204Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8202-1120001004Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8202-2019911017Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8202-2119910705Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8203-0019920618Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8203-0120010220Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8203-4019920707Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8203-4119920707Not Available
MICRO HiCORDER 8204-00199203238870-20
MICRO HiCORDER 8204-01199203238870-20
MICRO HiCORDER 8204-1019890331MR8880-20
MICRO HiCORDER 8204-1119890331MR8880-20
MICRO HiCORDER 8204-20199206188870-20
MICRO HiCORDER 8204-21199206188870-20
MICRO HiCORDER 8204-3019890331MR8880-20
MICRO HiCORDER 8204-3119890331MR8880-20
MICRO HiCORDER 820520020107MR8870 etc.
MICRO HiCORDER 820620020329MR8870
MULTI HiPlAY 8220200004148870-20
QUICK HiCORDER 8301-00198903318870-20
QUICK HiCORDER 8301-01198903318870-20
QUICK HiCORDER 8301-02198903318870-20
QUICK HiCORDER 8302198903318870-20
X-Y HiPLOTTER 8401-0119870421Not Available
X-Y HiPLOTTER 8401-0219870421Not Available
X-Y HiPLOTTER 8401-0319870421Not Available
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8420-0120040319LR8400-20 series
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8421-0120040319LR8400-20 series
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8422-0120040319LR8400-20 series
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8420-5120100621LR8400-20 series
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8421-5120100621LR8400-20 series
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8420-5120100621LR8400-20 series
PICO HiCORDER 860119910705MR8880-20
SERVO CORDER 870119811201Not Available
UNIVERSAL RECORDER 870519840601MR880-20
UNIVERSAL RECORDER 870620000414MR8880-20
PRINT HiCORDER 871020020218MR8880-20
POWER HiCORDER 8714-01200303313390
POWER HiCORDER 8715-01200909163390
VISUAL HiCORDER 872020050726Not Available
WAVE COMPARATOR 8730-1020110411Not Available
MEMORY HiCORDER 8801198707MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 8802-01198707MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 8802-02198707Not Available
FFT HiCORDER 8803198707Not Available
MEMORY HiCORDER 8804199910198870-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 880519991019MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 880620000414MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 8806-0120011026MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 8807-01201103028870-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 8807-5120110302MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 8808-0120110302MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 8808-5120110302MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 881019900413MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 881119900413MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 881219900510MR8880-20
FFT HiCORDER 881319900423Not Available
MEMORY HiCORDER 8814198712Not Available
MEMORY HiCORDER 881519980506MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 881619920729Not Available
MEMORY HiCORDER 8820199210238826
MEMORY HiCORDER 8821199310268826
MEMORY HiCORDER 8825200004148826
MEMORY HiCORDER 883019990112MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 883119980506Not Available
MEMORY HiCORDER 883219990112MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 883319980506MR8847 Series
LINE MONITOR HiCORDER 8834199708313390
MEMORY HiCORDER 883520000414MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 8835-0120110901MR8880-20
MEMORY HiCORDER 884020000414MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 8840-0120000414MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 884120080709MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 884220080709MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 884520030331MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 884620030331MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 884720110520MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 885019960321MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 885120000414MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 885220040304Not Available
MEMORY HiCORDER 8852-0120040304Not Available
MEMORY HiCORDER 885320101213MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 885520101213MR8847 Series
MEMORY HiCORDER 886020070725MR8847A,MR8827,MR6000
MEMORY HiCORDER 8860-5020170110MR8847A,MR8827,MR6000
MEMORY HiCORDER 8861200707258861-50
CAN ADAPTER 891020200803Not Available
WAVE COMMUNICATOR 9332-0120070725Not Available
INPUT CORD 957420200520Not Available
AC/DC CURRENT SENSOR CT6865-0520200520CT6876
ELECTRONIC POLYRECORDER EPR-3500 series20110930Not Available
Flat-bed recorder FBR-251A20111205Not Available
Personal recorder PHOENIX PRR-5011201109Not Available
Personal recorder PHOENIX PRR-5031(3pen)20080118PR8112
Personal recorder PHOENIX PRR-5041(4pen)20080225PR8112
Intelligent recorder JULIUS INR-9011(1pen)-9031(3pen)20080317PR8112
Intelligent recorder JULIUS INR-9041(4pen)-9121(12pen)20080317PR8112

Safety Testing

LEAK CURRENT HiTESTER 315520040901ST5540,ST5541
LEAK CURRENT HiTESTER 3155-0120040901ST5540,ST5541
LEAK CURRENT HiTESTER 315620101227ST5540,ST5541
AC WITHSTANDING VOLTAGE HiTESTER 3158-0320110406Not Available
INSULATION / WITHSTANDING HiTESTER 3159-0420110406Not Available
CLAMP ON LEAK HiTESTER 328320201223CM4003

Data Loggers

DATA ANALYZER 362020010629LR8400 series
HUMIDITY LOGGER 362520040330Not Available
HUMIDITY LOGGER 3631-2020030825LR5001
TEMPERATURE LOGGER 3632-2020091005LR5011
TEMPERATURE LOGGER 3633-2020110428LR5001
VOLTAGE LOGGER 3635-2120010220LR504X series
VOLTAGE LOGGER 3635-2220010220LR504X series
VOLTAGE LOGGER 3635-2320010220LR504X series
VOLTAGE LOGGER 3635-2420111213LR504X series
VOLTAGE LOGGER 3635-2520111213LR504X series
VOLTAGE LOGGER 3635-2620111213LR504X series
PULSE LOGGER 3639-2020110428Not Available
COMMUNICATION BASE 3911-2020111230LR5091/LR092-20
COMMUNICATION BASE 3912-2020120301LR5091/LR092-20
THERMO HiPLAY 800119970910LR5011
HUMIDITY HiPLAY 800519981110LR5011
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8420-0120040319LR8400-20 series
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8421-0120040319LR8400-20 series
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8422-0120040319LR8400-20 series
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8420-5120100621LR8400-20 series
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8421-5120100621LR8400-20 series
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8420-5120100621LR8400-20 series
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8430-2020120726LR8431-20
UNIVERSAL COUNTER 360119960516Not Available
UNIVERSAL COUNTER 3601-0119960516Not Available
LOGGER COMMUNICATOR 933420110407Not Available
MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8400-2020200622LR8450,LR8450-01
MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8400-2120200622LR8450,LR8450-01
MEMORY HiLOGGER LR840120200626LR8450,LR8450-01
MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8401-2020200622LR8450,LR8450-01
MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8401-2120200622LR8450,LR8450-01
MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8402-2020200911LR8450,LR8450-01
MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8402-2120200911LR8450,LR8450-01
VOLTAGE/TEMP UNIT LR850020200820Not Available
UNIVERSAL UNIT LR850120201006Not Available
HEAT FLOW SENSOR Z201220210120Not Available
HEAT FLOW SENSOR Z2012-0120201026Not Available
HEAT FLOW SENSOR Z201420201207Not Available
HEAT FLOW SENSOR Z201920201118Not Available

Component Testing

M-Ohm HiTESTER 3220199809073540
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3224199505223541
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3224-01199505223541
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3224-02199505223541
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3224-03199505223541
AC M-Ohm HiTESTER 322519981110BT3562/BT3563
AC M-Ohm HiTESTER 3225-0119981110BT3562/BT3563
AC M-Ohm HiTESTER 3225-0219981110BT3562/BT3563
AC M-Ohm HiTESTER 3225-0319981110BT3562/BT3563
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3226199808173540
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3227200406283541
REPAIR HiTESTER 322819961129Not Available
C HiTESTER 3502200004063511-50
C HiTESTER 350520131213Not Available
C HiTESTER 3506201312133506-10
L HiTESTER 351020010330IM3523, IM3533
LCR HiTESTER 3511200108063511-50
LCR HiTESTER 352019980420IM3523, IM3533, 3532-50
LCR HiTESTER 3520-0119980420IM3523, IM3533
LCR HiTESTER 3520-0219980420IM3523, IM3533
LCR HiTESTER 352119940330IM3523, IM3533
LCR HiTESTER 352220011025IM3523, IM3533
LCR HiTESTER 3522-5020121025IM3523, IM3533
LCR HiTESTER 3530199510193532-50
Z HiTESTER 3531199901073532-50
LCR HiTESTER 3532200103303532-50
mΩ HiTESTER 354020130524RM3544, RM3548
mΩ HiTESTER 3540-0120130524RM3544-01
mΩ HiTESTER 3540-0220130524RM3544-01
mΩ HiTESTER 3540-0320130524RM3544-01
BATTERY HiTESTER 355020070124BT3554
BATTERY HiTESTER 355120070124BT3554
AC mΩ HiTESTER 356020120110BT3562/BT3563
UNIVERSAL COUNTER 360119960516Not Available
UNIVERSAL COUNTER 3601-0119960516Not Available
BATTERY TESTER BT355420210129BT3554-51
BATTERY TESTER BT3554-0120210107BT3554-51 + Z3210

Power Meters

CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 31311984063169-20
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 31321984063169-20
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3133199007063169-20
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3133-01199007063169-20
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3134199007063169-20
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3134-01199007063169-20
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3135199007063169-20
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3135-01199007063169-20
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3136199007063169-20
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3136-01199007063169-20
INTEGRATOR 314119910329Not Available
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3161199710303169-20
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3162199711123169-20
CLAMP ON DIGITAL & P.F. HiTESTER 3163199004133169-20
DC CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 316419960314PW3335-03 PW3335-04
DC CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3164-0119910705Not Available
DC CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3164-0219910705Not Available
DC CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3164-0319910705Not Available
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3165200509133169-20, 3193-10
CLAMP ON DIGITAL HiTESTER 3166200210253169-20
AC/DC CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER 316720060517PW3335-03, PW3335-04
DIGITAL PRINTER 317119980127Not Available
DIGITAL DIGITAL HiTESTER 318119940908Please contact us.
DIGITAL DIGITAL HiTESTER 3181-0119970819Please contact us.
DIGITAL DIGITAL HiTESTER 318219941102Please contact us.
DIGITAL DIGITAL HiTESTER 318319941222Please contact us.
DIGITAL DIGITAL HiTESTER 3184-0119960314PW3336
DIGITAL DIGITAL HiTESTER 3184-0219990125PW3336
DIGITAL DIGITAL HiTESTER 3185-0119950512PW3336
DIGITAL DIGITAL HiTESTER 3185-0219950512PW3336
DIGITAL POWER HiTESTER 318620060320Please contact us.
AC/DC POWER HiTESTER 318720060331Not Available
AC/DC DIGITAL HiTESTER 3189200205Not Available
DIGITAL DIGITAL HiTESTER 319119980803Not Available
AC/DC DIGITAL DIGITAL HiTESTER 319220000420Not Available
POWER HiTESTER 319320120808PW6001
MOTOR/HARMONIC HiTESTER 319420131010Not Available
CLAMP ON P.F. HiTESTER 3266200011293286-20
CLAMP ON P.F. HiTESTER 32671988103286-20
CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER 3286200311043286-20
DC AMP-VOLT METER 33011984Not Available
AC AMP-VOLT METER 33021984Not Available
WATT METER 33031984Not Available
DIGITAL FACTOR METER 33041984Not Available
FREQUENCY METER 33051984Not Available
DIGITAL HiTESTER 333020000228Please contact us.
DIGITAL HiTESTER 333120130910PW3336
POWER HiTESTER 333220141113Please contact us.
PRINTER UNIT 960420200729Not Available

Environmental Measuring

TACHO HiTESTER 340219880418FT3406
TACHO HiTESTER 3402-0119880418FT3406
TACHO HiTESTER 340320110118FT3405
TACHO HiTESTER 340420101111FT3405
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 341119843441, 3442
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 3412199903313441, 3442
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 3414199812033441, 3442
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 3414-01199110173441, 3442
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 3415-01201201153443, 3444, 3445
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 3416-01201204243443, 3444, 3445
LUX HiTESTER 342120010726FT3424, FT3425
DIGITAL LUX HiTESTER 342219950822FT3424, FT3425
LUX HiTESTER 342320140925FT3424, FT3425
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 3446-0120110914Not Available
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 3447-0120110914Not Available
2D THERMO HiTESTER 3460-5020101203Not Available
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 3419-2020120711FT3700-01, FT3701-20
MAGNETIC FIELD HiTESTER 347020120507FT3470-51, FT3470-52
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 344320130225Not Available
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 344420130805Not Available
TEMPERATURE HiTESTER 344520130227Not Available

Clamp Testing

CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3100199005Not Available
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3101198206Not Available
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 310219850405Not Available
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3103198501Not Available
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 310419900216Not Available
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 31051982113290
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 31061982113290
CLAMP ON LEAK HiTESTER 31071986073283
CLAMP ON LEAK HiTESTER 3107-011986073283
DC CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3108199509053290
DC CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3108-01200402093290
DC CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3109199511153290
DC CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3109-01200402093290
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 312719951115Not Available
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3127-1020120208Not Available
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3127-1120110407Not Available
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 312820000302Not Available
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3128-1020100903Not Available
DIGITAL CLAMP HiTESTER 32021978053281, 3282
DIGITAL CLAMP HiTESTER 32061984063281, 3282
DIGITAL CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3261199702183281, 3282
DIGITAL CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3261-01199109203281, 3282
DIGITAL CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3261-50199702183281, 3282
DIGITAL CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3261-51199110033281, 3282
DIGITAL CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3262199702183281, 3282
DIGITAL CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3262-01199110033281, 3282
DIGITAL CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3262-50199702183281, 3282
DIGITAL CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3262-51199108193281, 3282
CLAMP ON LEAK HiTESTER 3263199901123283
CLAMP ON LEAK HiTESTER 3263-01199807073283
CLAMP ON AC/DC HiTESTER 3264199812083284
CLAMP ON AC/DC HiTESTER 3265199901293285
CLAMP ON P.F. HiTESTER 3266200011293286-20
CLAMP ON P.F. HiTESTER 32671988103286-20
CURRENT MONITOR 327020070906Not Available
AC CURRENT MONITOR 327120030829Not Available
CLAMP ON PROBE 3273200502043273-50
CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3280200008073280-10F
DIGITAL CLAMP ON HiTESTER 328120181225CM4141,CM4142
DIGITAL CLAMP ON HiTESTER 328220181213CM4141,CM4142
CLAMP ON LEAK HiTESTER 3283-2020210122CM4002
CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER 3286200311043286-20
DIGITAL CLAMP ON HiTESTER 3291201001193291-50
CLAMP ON LEAK HiTESTER 3293201001193293-50
CLAMP ON LEAK HiTESTER 3293-5020200522CM4001
CLAMP ON PROBE 9005-0120051125Not Available
CLAMP ON SENSOR 9270200711209272-10
CLAMP ON SENSOR 9271200712059272-10
CLAMP ON SENSOR 9272200712059272-10
CLAMP ON SENSOR 9272-10202101229272-05
CLAMP ON AC SENSOR 927320030902Not Available
CLAMP ON AC/DC SENSOR 927420070906Not Available
CLAMP ON AC SENSOR 927520030902Not Available
CLAMP ON AC/DC SENSOR 927620070827Not Available
SENSOR UNIT 955520071128CT9555

Measurement in Telecommunications

NOISE SEARCH TESTER 3144-2020130708Not Available
NOISE HiLOGGER 3145-2020130124Not Available
OPTICAL POWER METER 3661-2020110407Not Available
LASER LIGHT SOURCE 3662-2020110407Not Available
LASER LIGHT SOURCE 3663-2020110407Not Available

Field Measuring Instruments

M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-0119701130Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-0219910208Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-0319901130IR4016-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-0419910128IR4017-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-0519910208IR4018-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-1119901130Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-1219910208Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-1319901130IR4016-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-1419910128IR4017-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-1519910208IR4018-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3111199003293490
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 3112198602IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 3114198602IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 311619890803IR4056-20/IR4057-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3117-1119981012Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3117-1219980210Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3117-1319980309IR4016-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3117-1419971030IR4017-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3117-1519971030IR4018-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3118-11200906113490
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3118-12200906113490
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 3119-11200001143453
ELB HiTESTER 3121198406Not Available
PHASE DETECTOR 312219890522447789
VOLTAGE AND PHASE DETECTOR 312319970319Not Available
FIELD Hi TEST PACK 312419980219Not Available
FIELD Hi TEST PACK 3124-01198406Not Available
FIELD Hi TEST PACK 3125198406Not Available
PHASE DETECTOR 312620020702447789
EARTH HiTESTER 3150199802103151
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 3204198602IR4056-20/IR4057-20
MEGAOHM HiTESTER 3450-1119971112Not Available
MEGAOHM HiTESTER 3450-1219990112Not Available
MEGAOHM HiTESTER 3450-1319970819IR4016-20
EARTH TESTER ER-309before 19803151
TESTER IR-305before 19803151
LAN CABLE HiTESTER 3660200701243665-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3451-1120100510Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3451-1220100510Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3451-1320100510IR4016-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3451-1420100510IR4017-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3451-1520100510IR4018-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3452-1120100510Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3452-1220100510Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3452-13201005103490
DIGITAL MΩ HiTESTER 345320121004IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL MΩ HiTESTER 3453-0120120925IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL MΩ HiTESTER 3454-1020120925IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL MΩ HiTESTER 3454-1120120925IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 3454-5120110408IR4056-20/IR4057-20
VOLTAGE DETECTOR 3480-21201107133120
VOLTAGE DETECTOR 3481-21201107133120
VOLTAGE DETECTOR 3481-22201112263120
VOLTAGE DETECTOR 3481-22201112263120
EARTH TESTER FT6031-0320200916FT6031-50
INSULATION TESTER IR4057-2020210126IR4057-50


105FETBefore 1980Not Available
205FETBefore 1981Not Available
HiTESTER 300019900302412999
HiTESTER 3000-0119900302412999
HiTESTER 3000-0219900302412999
MULTI TESTER 3001198206412999
MULTI TESTER 3002198206412999
MULTI TESTER 3003198206412999
MULTI TESTER 300419900426Not Available
MULTI TESTER 300719900622Not Available
HiTESTER 3008-01198903313008
MULTI TESTER 300919900426Not Available
MULTI TESTER 301019900426Not Available
MULTI TESTER 301119900620Not Available
HiTESTER 301519900620Not Available
HiTESTER 3015-0119900620Not Available
HiTESTER 3015-0219900620Not Available
ELECTRONIC HiTESTER 308019900620Not Available
DIGITAL HiTESTER 320019910830DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3200-0119951218DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3200-5019911003DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3200-5119951218DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3201197712DT4281DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3203198002DT4253
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3205198406DT4281
DIGITAL POCKET HiTESTER 320719850614DT4281DT4282
CALCU HiTESTER 320819890112Not Available
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3209198511133237, 3238, 3239
DIGITAL POCKET HiTESTER 321019930719DT4281DT4282
PENCIL HiTESTER 32111985113246-60
DIGITAL HiTESTER 321219851009DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3212-01198511DT4282
PENCIL HiTESTER 3214198704203246-60
PRINT HiTESTER 321519900412Not Available
DIGITAL HiTESTER 321619910819DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3216-0119940316DT4282
CARD HiTESTER 32171986013244-60
PENCIL HiTESTER 3218200212123246-60
PROGRAMMABLE HiTESTER 322219940330Not Available
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3223199403303237, 3238, 3239
DIGITAL HiTESTER 323019911204DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 323119910920DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3231-0119960619DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3231-5019910805DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3231-5119960619DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3232198802DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3233200005093237, 3238, 3239
PRINT HiTESTER 323419961129Not Available
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3235200001143237, 3238, 3239
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3236200012203237, 3238
CARD HiTESTER 3240199709013244-60
CARD HiTESTER 3241199006223244-60
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3242200003023245-60
DIGITAL HiTESTER 324320030724Not Available
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3251199512183257-50
DIGITAL HiTESTER 325219951218DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 325319990331DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3255200212123255-50
DIGITAL HiTESTER 325619970424DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3256-0120010806DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3256-5020130627DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3256-5120010511DT4281
DIGITAL HiTESTER 325720010523DT4281
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3257-5120110511DT4281
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3257-5020130710DT4281
DIGITAL HiTESTER 380120050913DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3801-5020121129DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 380220050810DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3802-5020120605DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 380320110722DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 380420080124DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3804-5020110520DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 380520080124DT4282
DIGITAL HiTESTER 3805-5020111229DT4282
TESTER A-240Before 19803008
TESTER Able250Before 1977Not Available
TESTER AS-100DBefore 1980Not Available
TESTER AF-105Before 1977Not Available
TESTER TX-50Before 1980412999
TESTER TX-30Before 1980Not Available
TESTER TX-20Before 1980Not Available
TESTER OL-64DBefore 1977412999
TESTER L-33DXBefore 1980412999
TESTER M-230ABefore 1977Not Available

Signal Generators

CALIBRATOR 700119900305Not Available
HIGH AMPERE UNIT 700219900419Not Available
DC SIGNAL SOURCE 701019960304SS7012
DC SIGNAL SOURCE 701120091202SS7012
SIGNAL SOURCE 701520040323Not Available
SIGNAL SOURCE 701620120724Not Available
DC/AC SIGNAL SOURCE 702020020712Not Available
UNIVERSAL HiPOWER 703220011211Not Available
PROGRAMMABLE DC POWER SUPPLY 705119920602Not Available
PROGRAMMABLE DC POWER SUPPLY 7051-0119930310Not Available
WAVEFORM GENERATOR 707020030210Not Available
WAVEFORM GENERATOR 7070-0120030210Not Available
WAVEFORM GENERATOR 707520110701Not Available
WAVEFORM GENERATOR 7075-0120110701Not Available
REMOTE CONTROLLER 710119901107Not Available
CONTROLLER REMOTE 710219901107Not Available
IMPEDANCE NETWORK 710320020329Not Available

Automatic Testing Equipment

IN-CIRCUIT HiTESTER 1105-01200703051220-01
IN-CIRCUIT HiTESTER 1105-11200703051220-11
BARE BOARD HiTESTER 1107-62200903051234-0X
UNIT HiTESTER 1108200903051108-02
UNIT HiTESTER(ONE-SIDED ALIGNMENT) 1108-01200903051233-01
X-Y IN-CIRCUIT HiTESTER 1110-02200903051240-0X
X-Y C HiTESTER 1116200903051116-7X
X-Y C HiTESTER(Transport System:Single-robot) 1116-12200903051116-7X
X-Y C HiTESTER(Off-Line) 1116-01200903051116-7X
X-Y C HiTESTER(Transport System:Single-robot) 1116-02200903051116-7X
X-Y C HiTESTER(Off-line) 1116-21200903051116-4X
X-Y C HiTESTER(Transport System:Single-robot) 1116-22200903051116-4X
X-Y C HiTESTER(Off-line) 1116-23200903051116-4X
X-Y C HiTESTER(Transport System:Single-robot) 1116-24200903051116-4X
X-Y C HiTESTER(Off-line) 1116-51200903051116-71
X-Y C HiTESTER(Transport System:Single-robot) 1116-52200903051116-72
X-Y C HiTESTER(Off-line) 1116-53200903051116-73
X-Y C HiTESTER(Transport System:Single-robot) 1116-54200903051116-74
X-Y INTEGRATED HiTESTER 1118-01200903051118-02
X-Y INTEGRATED HiTESTER 1118-11200903051118-12
IN-CIRCUIT HiTESTER 1220-5020210115FA1220、FA1221
IN-CIRCUIT HiTESTER 1220-5220210115FA1220-02
IN-CIRCUIT HiTESTER 1220-5520210115FA1220-11

Other Testing Equipment

METER RELAY 2101H20051220Not Available
METER RELAY 2101L20051220Not Available
METER RELAY 2101HL20051220Not Available
METER RELAY 2102H20051220Not Available
METER RELAY 2102L20051220Not Available
METER RELAY 2102HL20051220Not Available
DIGITAL METER RELAY 2110HL20050304Not Available
LINE SPLITTER CT-101A20120424Not Available

New to the HIOKI Product Line

Super megohm meter SM-7A200801243154