Can Clamp on Power Meters be used to measure the secondary side of an inverter?

QMeasured the power consumption of a motor powered by an inverter with a Clamp on Power Meter, but the measured values are not what I expected. Why is this?


General Clamp on Power Meters are dedicated to commercial frequency (50 Hz/60 Hz) and cannot be used for measurement on the secondary side of inverters. However, Power Quality Analyzer PQ3198 can measure the secondary side of inverters with a fundamental frequency of 40 Hz to 70 Hz and carrier frequency up to 20 kHz. 
But the measurable range depends on the frequency band of the clamp current sensor attached to the Clamp on Power Meter, so be sure to check the specifications.


To measure the secondary side of the inverter with high accuracy, we recommend the Hioki Power Analyzers.
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