Investigate Power Characteristics and Analyze the Causes of Problems

Hioki portable power meters and analyzers are best in class power measuring instruments for measuring single to three-phase lines with a high degree of precision and accuracy. The new and improved PQ3198 is a power quality analyzer for monitoring and recording power supply anomalies, allowing their causes to be quickly investigated, and also for assessing power supply problems such as voltage drops, flicker, harmonics, and other electrical issues. New features include the ability to drive current sensors straight from the PQA and enhanced recording capabilities.

Key Features

  • Verify power problems in accordance with the IEC61000-4-30 Edition 3 Class A standard
  • High accuracy and continuous gapless recording
    (V: ±0.1% of nominal voltage, A: ±0.1% rdg. ±0.1% f.s., W: ±0.2% rdg. ±0.1% f.s.)
  • Broadband voltage range lets you measure even high-order harmonic (supraharmonic) components of up to 80 kHz
  • Maximum 6000 V peak transient voltage up to 700 kHz
  • Measure up to 6000 A AC
  • Two systems of power measurement and efficiency calculation for (ch 1, ch 2, ch 3) and ch 4
  • Make simple measurements of inverters with 40 to 70 Hz fundamental frequency and max. 20 kHz carrier frequency
  • Easily create reports with bundled PQ ONE application software 
  • Optional GPS BOX for synchronizing multiple devices

Model No. (Order Code)

PQ3198/60 KIT60A kit (PQ3198 w/ 4 x CT7126, 3 x L1021-02, Z4003, 4 x 9804-01, 4 x 9804-02, PQ3100/98 H-Case)
PQ3198/100 KIT100A kit (PQ3198 w/ 4 x CT7131, 3 x L1021-02, Z4003, 4 x 9804-01, 4 x 9804-02, PQ3100/98 H-Case)
PQ3198/600 KIT600A kit (PQ3198 w/ 4 x CT7136, 3 x L1021-02, Z4003, 4 x 9804-01, 4 x 9804-02, PQ3100/98 H-Case)
PQ3198/6000 KIT6000A kit (PQ3198 w/ 4 x CT7045, 3 x L1021-02, Z4003, 4 x 9804-01, 4 x 9804-02, PQ3100/98 H-Case)
PQ3198/6000-10in KIT6000A kit (PQ3198 w/ 4 x CT7046, 3 x L1021-02, Z4003, 4 x 9804-01, 4 x 9804-02, PQ3100/98 H-Case)
Note: An optional current sensor is necessary to measure current or power parameters. Select from Value Kits for added savings.

Power quality monitoring, troubleshooting, and energy management

Logging and waveform recording

The PQ3198 is a three-phase power quality analyzer that allows simultaneous power logging and waveform capture of power quality anomalies (events).
Record up to 9999 power quality anomalies (events) and trend data up to 1 year.

Easy to Set up


Simply choose the preset that suits your application, and the instrument will automatically configure the recording parameters.

Wiring and connection guide

The instrument will perform an automatic wiring check and display the results.

Capture power anomalies reliably with simple settings

The PQ3198 can measure all parameters at once, including power,
harmonics, and anomaly waveforms.
Transient voltages
Voltage swells
Voltage dips
Frequency fluctuations
Inrush current
High-order harmonics (Supraharmonics)

Standard compliant

IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 3 Class A compliant

The PQ3198 complies with the IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 3 Class A standard.
As a result, it can perform standard-mandated measurement tasks such as gapless,
continuous calculation; detection of events such as swells, dips, and interruptions;
and time synchronization using GPS (optional).

Class A
Part of the IEC 61000-4-30 international standard, Class A defines power quality parameters, accuracy, and standard compliance to facilitate the comparison and discussion of measurement results from different instruments.

Certificate of Conformity IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 3

EN50160 judgment function (PQ ONE)

Evaluate whether data complies with the EN 50160 standard by analyzing it and generating a judgment based on voltage fluctuations during the trend interval. You can also customize the judgment criteria and parameters. The IEEE 519 TDD and GB Power Quality Statistics Report are also available.

Two-circuit measurement

Since the PQ3198's fourth voltage channel is isolated from its first three voltage channels, the instrument can measure power and efficiency across two separate circuits.

Simple inverter measurement

The PQ3198 can measure the secondary side of inverters with a fundamental frequency of 40 to 70 Hz and a carrier frequency of up to 20 kHz.It can also measure the efficiency of DC/3-phase inverters.

Verify the quality of power supplied by an EV rapid charger

Verify the quality of the input (AC) and output (DC) of an EV rapid charger while simultaneously measuring power and efficiency between input and output.

  • *For more precise inverter measurement, HIOKI recommends the POWER ANALYZER

Other features

High-order harmonic (supraharmonic) measurement

The high-order harmonic (supraharmonic) component consists of noise components of several kHz or more caused by voltage and current waveform distortions when equipment power supplies use semiconductor devices. It includes various frequency components.
The PQ3198 can measure high-order harmonics (supraharmonics) components from 2 kHz to 80 kHz.

High-speed transient measurement

Transient voltage occurs due to phenomena such as lightning, breaker damage, or the closure of the circuit breaker or relay. It often occurs when there is a radical change in voltage or when the peak voltage is high.

The PQ3198 can measure transient voltages of up to 6000 V lasting as little as 0.5 μs (2 MS/s).

400 Hz line measurement

Power measurement for aviation systems and shipboard systems. In addition to 50/60 Hz, the PQ3198 can measure a line frequency of 400 Hz.

GPS time synchronization

The GPS OPTION PW9005 can be used to correct the instrument's internal time to UTC standard time. This capability eliminates any time difference between instruments to allow analysis that preserves the simultaneity of phenomena measured with multiple instruments.

Intuitive software for data analysis and report creation

Analyze data and generate reports with HIOKI’s PQ ONE power quality analysis software

Group data from different measurement locations, times, and dates into folders and view them together.

Display detailed measurement data, including event statistics, an event list, and event graphs. Simply choose the parameters you need to output to the report.

Output CSV and PQDIF format files for the parameters you choose. PQDIF format files can also be uploaded to the software.

  • Statistics display function

    Show voltage, current, frequency, harmonics, flicker, and other metrics on the Statistics screen. View the maximum, minimum, and average value for measurement data context.

  • ITIC curve

    Automatically generate ITIC curve from recorded event. The curve estimates IT equipment's resistance to power quality issues such voltage fluctuations.

Remote measurement

Remote Monitoring of a Site’s Power Supply Quality [GENNECT One SF4000]

Get measurement results from the job site in real-time, and display/save them on your PC.
Immediately and automatically transfer power supply quality event measurement files to your PC.
The power quality analyzer itself can be remotely controlled from your PC to change event conditions.

Learn more

Escape from your LAN! Realize genuinely remote measurement

Use GENNECT cloud, a cloud service operated by Hioki specifically for its GENNECT line of services, to realize genuinely remote measurement. Acquire measured values in real time, collect data, and control instruments via the cloud, anytime, from anywhere.

Learn more

Wide range of sensors for better quality measurement

Wide array of ranges to accommodate all applications

Use HIOKI sensors in an array of applications to measure equipment ranging from the secondary side of CTs to high-current wiring.
The CT7136 offers three ranges (50 A/500 A), as do HIOKI's flexible sensors (50 A/500 A/5000 A).
Since the effective measurement range extends to 120% of the nominal range,
flexible sensors can be used to measure currents of up to 6000 A.

No need for an external power supply

AC/DC auto-zero current sensors measure DC current accurately over extended periods of time,eliminating the need to concern yourself with zero-point drift. Since sensor power is supplied by the instrument, there's no need for an AC adapter when using AC/DC sensors or flexible sensors.

Automatic sensor detection to avoid erroneous measurement

Simply connect current sensors, touch "Sensor" on the screen, and the instrument will automatically detect sensor types and maximum current ranges.

Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Measurement line type Single-phase 2-wire, Single-phase 3-wire, Three-phase 3-wire or Three-phase 4-wire plus one extra input channel for voltage, current, power measurement (AC or DC measurement)
Voltage ranges Voltage measurement: 600.00 V rms
Transient measurement 6.0000 kV peak
Current ranges 500.00 mA to 5.0000 kA AC (depends on current sensor in use)
Power ranges 300.00 W to 3.0000 MW (determined automatically based on voltage and current range in use)
Basic accuracy Voltage: ±0.1% of nominal voltage
Current: ±0.1 % rdg. ±0.1 % f.s. + current sensor accuracy
Active power: ±0.2 % rdg. ±0.1 % f.s. + current sensor accuracy
Measurement items 1. Transient voltage : 2 MHz sampling
2. Frequency cycle : Calculated as one cycle, 40 to 70 Hz
3. Voltage (1/2) RMS: one cycle calculation refreshed every half cycle
Current (1/2) RMS: half-cycle calculation
4. Voltage swell, Voltage dips, Voltage interruption
5. Inrush current
6. Voltage waveform comparison
7. Instantaneous flicker value: As per IEC61000-4-15
8. 200 ms frequency: Calculated as 10 or 12 cycles,40 to 70 Hz
9. 10 sec frequency: Calculated as the whole-cycle time during the specified 10 s period, 40 to 70 Hz
10. Voltage waveform peak, Current waveform peak
11. Voltage, Current, Active power, Apparent power, Reactive power, Active energy, Reactive energy, Power factor, Displacement power factor, Voltage unbalance factor, Current unbalance factor, and efficiency
12. High-order harmonic* component (voltage/ current): 2 kHz to 80 kHz
13. Harmonic/ Harmonic phase angle (voltage/ current), Harmonic power: 0th to 50 th orders
14. Harmonic voltage-current phase angle: 1th to 50 th orders
15. Total harmonic distortion factor (voltage/ current)
16. Inter harmonic (voltage/ current): 0.5 th to 49.5 th order
17. K Factor (multiplication factor)
18. IEC Flicker, Δ V10 Flicker
19. Mains signaling voltage
Record Repeated ON: 1 year, Maximum recording event: 9999 × 366 days (up to 9999 events per day)
Repeated off: 35 days, maximum recording event: 9999 events
Interfaces SD/SDHC memory card, LAN (HTTP server function / FTP function), USB2.0 (for communication)
Display 6.5-inch TFT color LCD (640 × 480 dots)
Power supply AC adapter Z1002 (100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, rated current 1.7 A), Battery Pack Z1003 (Continuous use: 180 minutes, Charging time: Max. 5 hr 30 m with AC adapter)
Dimensions and mass 300 mm (11.81 in)W × 211 mm (8.31 in)H × 68 mm (2.68 in)D, 2.6 kg (91.7 oz) (including Battery Pack Z1003)
Included accessories Instruction manual ×1, Measurement guide ×1, Voltage Cord L1000 ×1 set (Red/ Yellow/ Blue/ Gray each 1, Black 4, 3m (9.84ft) length, Alligator clip ×8), Spiral tube x20, Color clip, AC Adapter Z1002 ×1, Strap ×1, USB cable (1 m 3.28 ft length) ×1, Battery pack Z1003 ×1, SD Memory Card 2GB Z4001 ×1, Application software (PQ ONE) ×1

Current input (4)

For power or load current measurement (1 sensor necessary for single-phase measurements, and 2 or 3 sensors required for 3-phase measurements)

Leak current input (1)

*For leak current measurement (not capable of power measurement)

Voltage input (8)

*The L1000 is bundled with PQ3198 *Please inquire about voltage cord extension

Storage media (2)

*The Z4001 is bundled to PQ3198 only

SD Card Precaution
Use only the SD Card sold by HIOKI. Compatibility and performance are not guaranteed for SD cards made by other manufacturers. You may be unable to read from or save data to such cards.

Power supply (2)

*The Z1002, Z1003 are bundled

Time synchronization (1)

For PQ3198 only

Other options (2)

Hands-free options (2)

When using with PQ3100 / PQ3198, suspend the main body on the metal surface using two Z5020 powerful type.

Z5004 hang the cords on the metal surface.

Cases (2)

Waterproof Box
For outdoor installation; IP65 compliant, Contact Hioki for a quotation.