Backup battery on Hioki products

QAfter powering on the 3169, the recording interval which I had previously set to “30 minutes” changed to “5 minutes”. Why is this so?


The backup battery for clock and setting conditions on the 3169 has a 6-year lifecycle.  After the backup battery is depleted, settings for the clock and setting conditions revert to the default settings after the power is turned on.  However, measurement is not affected.  To change the backup battery, please contact your Hioki distributor or subsidiary for repair service.  The backup battery cannot be replaced by the customer.  

For your information, the backup battery life for popular HIOKI products are as follows:
5 years:  MR8870, LR8431 series, LR8401 series, etc.
10 years: PW3360 series, PW3390, PW6001, PQ3100 series, LR8450 series, Memory HiCorders

Please refer to the instruction manual of each product for further details.