Scanner system for the BT3562

QPlease advise what should be noted when making a scanner system for the BT3562. The measured value sometimes shows "-----" when the BT3562 is used with my scanner.


Please note the following.
* Use a relay designed for signals with low noise.
* Locate the HI and LO of the SENSE side as close as possible to each other to minimize the loop area.  Do the same for the SOURCE side, etc.
* Keep enough distance betweeen SENSE and SOURCE to prevent interference with each other.
* Keep enough distance between cables and metallic parts (chassis, etc.).
* When using a socket type power relay, a contact error may occur via the oxide film on its contact section and the measurement value may display "-----" (measurement error).  Please change the relay to a signal type.
* The cabling path resistance between HI and LO is allowed up to 2-ohm only when using the 3m-ohm or 30m-ohm range.  Please pay careful attention when selecting the cable length and thickness, number of relays and probe contact resistance, etc.