Dedicated Current Input Module Capable of Supplying Power to Current Sensors

Key Features

  • Achieve large current measurement with high accuracy
  • 3 channel input
  • Automatically recognize and scale simply by connecting the sensor
  • High speed sampling of 5 MS/s ensures high-speed phenomena are captured
  • High 16-bit A/D resolution
  • For Memory HiCorder MR6000, MR6000-01(ver. 2.10 or later), MR8740T (ver. 2.00 or later), and MR8847A (ver. 2.00 or later)

Model No. (Order Code)

U8977 For the MR6000 and similar products
Note: Use it by installing it in the Memory HiCorder. Current sensor is not included - please purchase separately.

Single solution for 3-phase current measurement

The U8977 delivers a sampling rate of 5 MS/s, frequency characteristics of 2 MHz, 16-bit A/D resolution, and DC accuracy of 0.3% f.s. to facilitate wideband, high-precision current measurement using Hioki current sensors.

Automatic configuration of sensor scaling values

When you connect a current sensor, the MR6000 will automatically detect the model and set the appropriate scaling value.

Power is supplied from the current unit

Since current sensor power is supplied directly from the current unit, there’s no need to provide a sensor power supply.

List of Available Memory HiCorders

Please refer to the table here for the types of input units that can be used for each Memory HiCorder.

List of Available Memory HiCorders

Basic specifications

Accuracy guaranteed: 1 year
Measurement functions Number of channels: 3, Current measurement with optional current sensor
Input terminals Dedicated connector terminal (ME 15 W) (Input resistance 1 MΩ, GND is common with the recorder main unit)
Applicable current sensor - Directly connectible current sensors
9272-05, CT6841A, CT6843A, CT6844A, CT6845A, CT6846A, CT6862-05, CT6863-05, CT6872, CT6872-01, CT6873, CT6873-01, CT6875A, CT6875A-1, CT6876A, CT6876A-1, CT6877A, CT6877A-1, CT6904, CT6904A, CT6904A-1, CT6904A-2, CT6904A-3
- Current sensor to be connected using the optional CT9920 Conversion Cable {convert PL14 terminal to ME15W (12-pin) terminal}
CT7631, CT7636, CT7642, CT7731, CT7736, CT7742, CT7044, CT7045, CT7046
Measurement range - For the directly connectible current sensors, the instrument automatically recognizes the rating of the current sensor.
2 A, 4 A, 10 A, 20 A, 40 A, 100 A (rating: 20 A)
4 A, 10 A, 20 A, 40 A, 100 A, 200 A (rating: 50 A)
20 A, 40 A, 100 A, 200 A, 400 A, 1000 A (rating: 200 A)
40 A, 100 A, 200 A, 400 A, 1000 A, 2000 A (rating: 500 A)
100 A, 200 A, 400 A, 1000 A, 2000 A, 4000 A (rating: 1000 A)

- For the current sensors that require Model CT9920 for connection, choose a conversion rate or a model number.
200 A (CT7631, CT7731)
200 A, 400 A, 1000 A (CT7636, CT7736)
2000 A, 4000 A (CT7642, CT7742)
2000 A, 4000 A, 10000 A (CT7044, CT7045, CT7046)
2000 A, 4000 A, 10000 A, 20000 A, 40000 A, 100000 A (0.1 mV/A)
200 A, 400 A, 1000 A, 2000 A, 4000 A, 10000 A (1 mV/A)
20 A, 40 A, 100 A, 200 A, 400 A, 1000 A (10 mV/A)
2 A, 4 A, 10 A, 20 A, 40 A, 100 A (100 mV/A)
0.2 A, 0.4 A, 1 A, 2 A, 4 A, 10 A (1000 mV/A)
Measurement resolution 1/32000 of measurement range (using 16-bit A/D conversion)
Highest sampling rate 5 MS/s (3 channel simultaneous sampling)
Measurement accuracy ±0.3% f.s. (with 5 Hz filter, add accuracy and characteristics of the current sensor to be used)
Frequency characteristics DC to 2 MHz ±3 dB
Input coupling DC/GND
Low pass filter 5/ 500/ 5 k/ 200 kHz
Dimensions and mass 106 mm (4.17 in) W × 19.8 mm (0.78 in) H × 196.5 mm (7.74 in) D, 250 g (8.8 oz)
Included accessories None

Use with these products (1)

* Main products are listed below. For more information, please see each product page.

PL14 to ME15W (12 pin) terminal conversion (1)

When connecting a general-purpose current sensor with PL14 terminal to the Current Unit U8977, Conversion Cable CT9920 is required separately.

Precautions for connecting current sensors (0)

• The total number of current sensors and current probes that can be connected to the Memory HiCorder main unit at the same time is nine in total. (Total connected to Current Unit U897, Current Unit 8971, Probe Power Supply Unit Z5021)
• The current units that can be connected to the Memory HiCorder main unit at the same time are three units of U8977 and four units of 8971.
• There is no limitation on the number of connections when measuring current using voltage input on an Analog Unit by combining current sensor / current probe with sensor power supply.
• Only the U8977 can use a sensor with PL14 terminal via the CT9920. Sensors with PL14 terminals cannot be used with the 8971.

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