Generation unit can be used for various simulation tests instead of sensor output

Key Features

  • As an inspection device of the ECU, it is ideal for generating simulation signals of various sensors, inspection of electronic parts, equipment maintenance
  • DC voltage, DC current, and resistance simulation output
  • In resistance generation, the voltage to be connected is measured, the output current is calculated from the set resistance value, and simulated output
  • Used in combination with Memory HiCorder series MR8740T (not available in other models)
  • Isolation between each output channel and between channel and chassis

Model No. (Order Code)

U8794 For the MR8740-50
Note: This module must be used with the Memory HiCorder. Output cords are not included. Please purchase them separately.

List of Available Memory HiCorders

Please refer to the table here for the types of input units that can be used for each Memory HiCorder.

List of Available Memory HiCorders

Basic specifications

Accuracy guaranteed: 1 year
Output terminal Number of channels: 8 (each channel is isolated), Connector: 25-pin D-sub
Max. rated voltage to earth: 25 V
Output items DC voltage, DC current, resistance (simulated output)
Output range DC voltage: -0.100 0 V to +5.300 0 V (setting resolution: 0.1 mV)
DC current:
5 mA range: -5.000 0 mA to +5.000 0 mA, Setting resolution: 0.1 μA
1 mA range: -1.000 00 mA to +1.000 00 mA, Setting resolution: 0.01 μA
250 μA range: -250. 00 μA to +250.00 μA, Setting resolution: 0.01 μA
50 μA range: -50. 000 μA to +50. 000 μA, Setting resolution: 0.001 μA
Resistance: 10 Ω to 1 MΩ, Setting resolution: 6 digits
Output accuracy DC voltage: 5 V range, ±0.035% of setting ± 800 μV
DC current:
5 mA range: ±0.050% of setting ± 4.0 μA
1 mA range: ±0.050% of setting ± 800 nA
250 μA range: ±0.050% of setting ± 200 nA
50 μA range: ±0.050% of setting ± 40 nA
Other Self diagnostic, switch output terminals, estimate target connection, cancel offset
Dimensions and mass 106 mm (4.17 in) W × 19.8 mm (0.78 in) H × 196.5 mm (7.74 in) D, 280 g (9.9 oz)
Included accessories None

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