Product Feb. 10, 2022

Hioki Launches CAN Units to Enhance Memory HiLogger Appeal: New products enable central management of CAN signals and analog data

HIOKI  is pleased to announce the launch of the CAN Unit U8555 and Wireless CAN Unit LR8535 for use with the LR8450 series Memory HiLoggers. By allowing a single Memory HiLogger LR8450/LR8450-01 to record and display both CAN signals and analog measured data, the new products will help streamline development and evaluation of automobiles and other transportation equipment.

CAN Unit U8555 (left), Wireless CAN Unit LR8535 (right)

Development Background

Controller Area Network (CAN) is used for communication inside the car. Many onboard sensors transmit information as CAN signals, but engineers working to develop and evaluate automobiles also need to track analog measurement data such as voltage and temperature. In the past, the recording of CAN signals and analog measurement data had problems such as difficulty in centralized management because each data is recorded on a separate instrument.
At the same time, CAN has been gaining popularity outside the automotive industry, for example the fields of robots, medical equipment, and IoT systems in factories, due to its high expandability. Those areas are also exhibiting growing demand for the ability to centrally manage CAN signals and various types of analog measurement data.


1. Ability to record both CAN signals and analog measurement data with a single data logger

The U8555/LR8535 makes it possible for a single Memory Hi Logger to centrally manage both CAN signals from car-mounted sensors and analog measurement data such as voltage and temperature acquired during the development and evaluation process. The Memory HiLogger can convert CAN signals into analog waveforms in real time for display, simplifying the process of assessing changes and interrelatedness to streamline development and evaluation.

2. Conversion of analog measured data into CAN signals (U8555)

Using the CAN unit U8555, analog measurement data converted by the Memory HiLogger LR8450/LR8450-01can be output as CAN signals. This capability makes it possible to manage all data as CAN signals, allowing integration into existing CAN systems and analysis with commercially available software.

3. Ease of installation thanks to wireless connectivity and battery power (LR8535)

The Wireless CAN Unit LR8535 communicates wirelessly with the Memory HiLogger LR8450-01. Combined with the unit’s ability to operate on battery power, this capability greatly reduces wiring complexity, allowing the LR8535 to be installed in locations where it would be difficult or impractical to establish a wired connection.

4. CAN FD support

CAN FD is attracting attention as a communications standard that can accommodate growing automotive performance by facilitating the high-speed exchange of larger volumes of data. Both the U8555andLR8535support CAN FD measurement.

A measuring setup consisting of a Memory Hi Logger and CAN Unit

Principle Applications

Development and evaluation for Transportation equipment

Automobiles, motorcycles, construction machinery, AGVs, agricultural machinery, ships, elevators, forklifts.

Development and evaluation for High-precision positioning equipment controlled by motors/actuators

Medical equipments, robots, transport systems, textile machinery, packaging machinery, paper manufacturing machinery, printing machinery, glass manufacturing machinery.

Shipping Start Date

Thursday, February 17, 2022

*The U8555/LR8535 cannot perform measurement on a standalone basis and must be used with the Memory HiLogger LR8450 (standard model) or LR8450-01 (wireless model).