How to Measure the Resistance in Solid Planar Materials

Use the SM-8220 Super Megohm Meter to easily implement the methods for determining the resistance and resistivity of solid planar materials (International standard: IEC 61340-2-3) used to avoid electrostatic charge accumulation.

- This method allows you to test and assess the resistance of anti-electrostatic mats, anti-static floor materials and anti-static packing materials.
- Use of SURFACE/VOLUME RESISTANCE MEASUREMENT ELECTRODE SM9001 together with SUPER MEGOHM METER SM-8220 allows you to perform resistance tests as prescribed by IEC.
- The SURFACE/VOLUME RESISTANCE MEASUREMENT ELECTRODE SM9001 has a concentric circle configuration and conforms to IEC with regard to material, dimensions and mass and need only be placed on the material that is measured.
- With an optional inspection jig, pre-work inspections are easy to perform and yield high reliability measurements.

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