Product Sep. 20, 2023

Hioki Receives Order from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology for an ALDAS-E Water Electrolysis

Hioki is pleased to announce that it received an order for the ALDAS-E, a system for measuring impedance in water electrolyzers and membrane electrode assemblies (MEA), from the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute (FREA), a unit of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, in August 2023.



As the world works to move beyond carbon dependence, development of technologies for utilizing hydrogen has been attracting attention in recent years. One such technology, water electrolysis, has an essential role to play in the manufacture of clean hydrogen derived from renewable energy. The technique involves passing a current through water to produce hydrogen. Japan has world-class water electrolysis technology, but the sector has been challenged by a lack of technologies for evaluating infrastructure-scale water electrolyzers.

Order overview

In August 2023, Hioki received an order for the ALDAS-E, a system for measuring impedance in water electrolyzers and MEAs, from the FREA. 
The FREA, which is studying the development of equipment for evaluating water electrolyzers as part of the NEDO Green Innovation Fund’s “Establishment of Technologies for Evaluating Water Electrolyzers/Development of a Technological Platform for Evaluating Water Electrolyzers in the Renewable Energy System Environment” project, plans to use the ALDAS-E to analyze water electrolysis cells using the AC impedance method.
The ALDAS-E measures infrastructure-scale water electrolyzers and water electrolysis cells using large currents. 
Going forward, Hioki will continue to help build a sustainable society by supplying instruments for use in R&D and evaluation testing in the drive to realize a hydrogen-based society. 

Product overview

The ALDAS-E utilizes the ALDAS method to evaluate water electrolysis cell stacks as they operate.
In the past, measurement methods were available for testing small cells in a laboratory setting, but measurement using large currents was considered difficult. The ALDAS-E’s broad voltage and current measurement ranges and high noise resistance make it possible to evaluate water electrolyzers and cell stacks that operate at practical current and voltage levels. As a result, the product can be used to evaluate the characteristics of large-scale water electrolyzers and water electrolysis cells under actual operating conditions, to monitor such systems as they operate, and to diagnose cell degradation.

What is the ALDAS method?

The ALDAS method is a measurement technique that combines impedance measurement technology developed for use in AC-IR measurement of lithium-ion batteries, one of Hioki’s core competencies, with high-precision current measurement technology developed for use in evaluating power electronics devices such as inverters. The method makes it possible to evaluate the impedance of water electrolysis cell stacks and water electrolyzers, a task that had been challenging until now.
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